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New sex offender DNA database could lead to thousands of follow-up arrests

New sex offender DNA database could lead to thousands of follow-up arrests

In a move which has been described as ‘better late than never’ Ireland will begin to compile a DNA database for high profile criminals and sex offenders.

Sex attackers can now be sought out by gardai to provide swabs, which could lead to thousands of arrests when cross-referenced with ‘crime scene stains’.

Prison officers will also be able to take samples from the likes of Graham Dwyer and other jailed murders, reports the Irish Daily Mail.

After Justice Minister Francis Fitzgerald signs the commencement order for the new DNA act, gardai will be tasked with tracking down the 1,280 people on the Sex Offender’s Register.

Additionally 1,500 inmates out of the 4,100 serving terms of five-years or more are supposed to have been swabbed for the new DNA database.

A Justice Department spokesman told the Irish Daily Mail that:

“Sex offenders convicted prior to the 2014 DNA Act coming into force, and serving a prison sentence or on temporary release or on the Sex Offenders Register on commencement of the legislation, can all be sampled for their DNA profile by prison officers or the gardai, as appropriate.”

Sex predators and abusers on the Sex Offenders Register up to ten years prior to the minister’s order can also be sampled.

Furthermore, old DNA profiles taken as samples under the 1990 Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence) Act can be entered in the DNA database.

The act is due to be signed at the end of October, at which point it will become operational.