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Sex killer flung into solitary after SD card discovery

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

SEX killer Graham Dwyer has been caught red-handed with hidden computer memory cards in his prison cell and put on 23 hour a day lockdown.

The convicted murderer has now been placed in an isolation cell after the cards were found stashed among his belongings.

The former architect, who was recently granted permission to use a computer laptop, is now on 23-hour lockdown and is being closely supervised.

Despite his flagrant breach of prison rules, the arrogant inmate protested that the punishment is unnecessary.

He is usually held on D Wing, along with other inmates considered too manipulative to mix with the general population.

Many of these prisoners have shown themselves capable of living double lives and being able to hide their criminal traits from other people.

Under the agreement to allow Dwyer have the laptop are rules that he does not use any memory cards or USB sticks and does not try to connect to the internet.

He was granted permission to use the computer as he prepares for his upcoming appeal against his murder conviction, which is due to be heard some time this year.

Dwyer had successfully made a case to prison authorities for special permission to have access to a laptop.

He has shown himself to be capable at using computers and related technology.

Evidence was recovered from a computer hard drive in which Dwyer detailed a sick story of torturing and killing American woman Darci Day.


Darci Day

Gardaí also carried out searches for memory cards they believed might contain more horrific material, but they were never found.

Sources say Dwyer has consistently shown an arrogant streak and doesn’t like having to toe the line behind bars.

It was Dwyer’s desire for domination that led him to serving a life sentence for murder.

He subjected his sex partners to torture and humiliation to satisfy his sexual urges, which ended in the death of Elaine O’Hara.

Elaine O'Hara

Dwyer is so confident that his murder appeal will succeed he has told inmates he won’t be behind bars for another Christmas.

He even boasted that he has already picked out the restaurant where he will celebrate his release.

But his high-handed manner has seen him clash with prisoners and he was recently punched during a card game with a convicted rapist.