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Sex attacker and dangerous career criminal Roe back on streets

Raymond Roe
Raymond Roe

THIS is dangerous career criminal and sex attacker Raymond Roe back on the streets this week after being freed from prison.

He has previously targeted young women in knifepoint robberies.

One of his victims was so traumatised that she emigrated to Australia to escape the memories of her ordeal.

Now Roe is back on the streets after serving his most recent five-year sentence for assaulting and robbing two women as they walked home from a night out in Navan in July, 2010.

He briefly shared a landing in the Midlands prison with infamous sex-killer Graham Dwyer.

Roe spent his time on the landing with prisoners who are not trusted to mix with the general population in the jail system, according to sources.

After previously getting out of prison, Roe carried out a late-night attack on two young women in 2010.

He assaulted and robbed both victims as they walked home from a night out in Navan, Co. Meath.

Roe, of Navan, and formerly of Ballymun, Dublin, was handed a four-year sentence in May 2012.

Roe also notched up a charge for sexual assault while robbing another woman on the street in 2006.

He has amassed a total of 40 convictions dating back to the 1990s.

Behind bars, however, Roe was a model prisoner, although one judge said he believed he had an anti-social personality disorder.

Roe was one of 500 “well-behaved” prisoners who claimed they were entitled to be freed as a result of relaxed remission rules introduced by the Government.

Last September he filed a civil High Court action against the State claiming that he should be immediately released.

However, he stayed behind bars until his official release date this week.

In 2006 he was jailed for five years by Judge Desmond Hogan at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for sexually assaulting a woman while he robbed her on the street.

A jury convicted him of the attack at Boithrin Mobhi, Glasnevin on October 3, 2004.

The victim said in court she was walking along when Roe drove up to her on his moped and threatened her with a knife. He also touched her breasts during the mugging.

Roe pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to robbing her mobile phone as well as a ring and cash while brandishing a knife.

At the time of the robbery in 2004 he was serving a partially suspended eight-year prison sentence which was then re-activated by the court.

During the 2006 hearing his lawyer said that a report from the prison chaplain showed Roe was very co-operative and courteous in custody and making good use of his time there to improve himself.

The psychiatric report also indicated he was much-changed compared with the person he was in 1999.

Judge Hogan said he had referred to a probation report which noted Roe had been institutionalised quite a lot and didn’t seem to be able to cope with life outside prison.

The judge said at the time he took into account that Roe co-operated with the gardaí, but he said he had to consider the psychological effects it had on the victim.

Roe was jailed for eight years on January 21, 2000, for robberies, larceny, assault and harassment.

This included charges of stabbing a victim in the throat and making threatening calls to gardaí.