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The selfie obsessed Dublin sex attacker who will serve less than two years

Poser Glen Reilly brutally assaulted two women
Poser Glen Reilly brutally assaulted two women

THIS is the selfie-obsessed sex attacker who will serve less than two years for a brutal assault despite being considered at “high risk” of reoffending.

Glen Reilly (19), from Owensilla, Ballymun, in Dublin, sexually assaulted one woman before viciously attacking another who bravely came to her aid. 

He was handed a five-year prison sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court earlier this month, but Judge Martin Nolan suspended the last two-and-a-half years – meaning with remission he will be out by the end of next year. 

The sicko is obsessed with his own image. Even while on bail he took numerous pictures of himself posing in front of his bathroom mirror. The pervert posts image after image to his social media profile.

The short length of the sentence was criticised by one local politician, who said he was concerned Reilly would be back on the streets so soon. 

Fine Gael Councillor Noel Rock said: “I’m seriously concerned about the potential for reoffending here. It seems incredible to me that this man could be walking the streets next year when the probation service themselves said he is at high risk of reoffending. 

“It’s clear to me that this was yet another drug-fuelled crime which has blighted another set of young lives and families. What’s also clear is that sentencing is far too lenient for these sorts of crimes.

Twisted Reilly attacked the two women shortly before 5am on October 12, 2012. 

A mother-of-one (30), was walking home from a party and was just 50 yards from her home when Reilly pounced. The woman said Reilly was following her and then punched her full force in the face. 

During the sickening attack he punched her repeatedly in the face and temples and tried to take off her clothes. 

A woman who lived on the road of the attack heard the victim’s screams and bravely came to her aid. She dragged Reilly off the first victim, but he punched her and hit her with a beer can before running away. 

Reilly used the excuse that he had taken drugs and drink on the night of the attack. He claimed to have no memory of the incident and said he had previously suffered a brain injury. 

A probation report found Reilly was a high risk in relation to sexual offending and violence against women.

While out on bail for attacking the women Reilly has been convicted of being drunk in public and for failing to appear in court.

The court heard that the teenager has attended drugs counselling but has since acquired two minor convictions, one for being drunk in public and the second for failing to appear in court. He had no convictions before the two assaults.