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Secret life of the sleep-rapist

Carina Marie Rose
Carina Marie Rose

THIS IS the former substitute teacher and part-time model who is standing by her rapist lover Magnus Meyer Hustveit.

The Sunday World this week tracked down convicted rapist Hustveit and new girlfriend Carina Marie Rose (25), to a run-down student apartment in central Oslo, where their neighbours know nothing of his vile crimes.

IT worker Hustveit this week walked free from the Central Criminal Court after his seven-year sentence for sleep raping ex-girlfriend, former Dublin school teacher Niamh Ní Dhomhnaill, was suspended in its entirety.

Hustveit raped Niamh up to 10 times during an 11-month relationship after they moved in together in December 2011 .

He fled back to Oslo in late 2012 after admitting his crimes by email to the 28-year-old teacher.

Carina Marie Rose – who has lived with Hustveit since April 2014 and who recently posted pictures of the pair enjoying a night out at the Chaplins Comedy Club in Dublin as he awaited sentence – refused to speak of her relationship with Hustveit when approached by this newspaper.

Similarly to Hustveit’s victim, Carina – who is currently studying zoology at Oslo University and who was this week described by Hustveit’s victim as her attacker’s fiance – is a former substitute teacher.

Hustveit slammed down the intercom in his fifth-floor apartment in the Jens Bjelkes Gate block in Central Oslo when we called this week.

Asked about whether she fears Hustveit could pose a danger to other women, victim Niamh told this newspaper: “All I can say is that his new girlfriend is aware of what he did to me and chose to stand by him.

“I guess I can’t understand that and obviously it’s something that I have walked away from.

“I saw her in the court... we’ve seen each other a few times now. I don’t know how she has been able to look me in the eye actually.”

Hustveit’s next-door neighbour this week described the couple as devoted parents to two children, before adding he knew nothing of “any court case in Ireland”.

Likewise, Hustveit’s colleagues at Oslo company Gabler AS – where he works in the company’s Information Technology and Services section – believed he was on vacation for three weeks.

A colleague told the Sunday World: “Magnus is on vacation and won’t return to work until next week. We have no way of contacting him.”

Hustveit – who has benefited from almost complete anonymity in his native country as Norwegian media do not usually name rapists – travelled to Ireland with Carina to plead guilty to one count of raping Niamh and one count of sexually assaulting her on June 16.

Gardai prosecuted Hustveit on the strength of an email he sent to Niamh in the wake of their relationship ending in 2012.

Carina Marie Rose and sleep rapist Magnus Meyer Hustveit

In the email, Hustveit (25), told former Dublin secondary school teacher Niamh: “I guess it must be under 10 times.”

He also attempted to explain his behaviour, saying: “I did it for short-term gratification. I convinced myself it was a victimless crime because you were asleep.

“I used the fact I wasn’t allowed watch porn or masturbate as an excuse. Now I’ve written this, you can have me prosecuted. I hope you won’t,” he said.

Hustveit admitted he had regularly raped and sexually assaulted her in her sleep while she was under the influence of medication.

These emails became the basis of a garda investigation and his computer was seized.

Caroline Biggs SC, defending, said psychological reports indicated Hustveit was at low risk of re-offending and feels genuine guilt and remorse.

She asked Mr Justice McCarthy to take into account his guilty plea and his admissions both in the email and to gardaí, without which the case would have been “all but impossible” to prosecute, she said.

Despite his admissions and the impact of the rapes on Niamh, Judge Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy suspended in its entirety a seven-month sentence handed down to Hustveit, saying he had to consider the fact that there would be no rational case but for the confessions of the accused

“In truth this case comes here today out of his own mouth,” he said, before suspending the sentence.

This week Niamh hit out at claims she had been under the influence of medication and denied Hustveit’s claims she had banned him from masturbating or looking at porn.

“He told me in person that it happened more ten times,” Niamh told the Sunday World.

“But how many times is, in a way, irrelevant.”

Speaking about the medication, Niamh said: “I wasn’t on any medication, that was misrepresented.

“The question in terms of how I slept through it that a lot of people have asked, I can’t give an answer to.

Asked if she believes she was drugged, Niamh continued: “I really don’t know. I’m just lucky I got an admission and I can get on with my life.”

Hitting out at Hustveit’s claims she had banned him from masturbating or looking at porn, Niamh added: “That wasn’t true.

Of course he was trying to put the blame on me, but what else do you do in that situation. But I think sexual abuse is the one category of crime where there are no excuses.”

Niamh added: “I never expected the outpouring of support. I think the overall reaction of people is indicative of something really good and positive.

“I see a lot of other positives in this. It means that there are probably things that need to change within the system and I’m hopeful because of the public reaction things will change.”