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Scumbag jailed for shooting at house and throwing dog at gardai

Daniel Ennis
Daniel Ennis

THIS is the scumbag who will spend six years behind bars for firing shots, threatening to kill gardaí and harming a little dog.

These exclusive pictures show Daniel Ennis (20), enjoying a life of crime before he was locked up earlier this week. 

Ennis’s Facebook page reveals worrying details of the inner-workings and mindset of the young thug.

Dog fighting cartoons and images appeared on the thug's facebook

His pictures show criminality and violence alongside images of thug culture.

One of his pictures shows the horrific scars and blood-drenched face of a young garda who was brutally assaulted.

Ennis is overjoyed by the incident, captioning the picture: “Delighted for ye ya scumbag.”

Another picture shows Ennis bruised and bandaged with a blood-stained shirt captioned: “This what happens when yeah hit a pole after hijacking a motor.”

Ennis’s violent streak is highlighted in a picture which shows two thugs holding the tricolour over a burning car.

There are also several pictures of Ennis cuddled beside a stunning blonde – believed to be his partner – who was in court to support the scumbag.

However, his days of fooling around are now over as he settles into prison life.

The Ballyfermot criminal viciously threw a small dog and a paving slab at four gardaí when they visited his home to recover a stolen post bag.

The brute also threatened to ram Garda Michelle Doyle’s patrol car and told her he would “make sure you are dead”.

Ennis terrified the young garda and threatened to drive a spiked six foot pole through her at his home at Croftwood Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin.

He also warned officers that he was armed with a knife and would stab the first garda that came into his house.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, Ennis continued his criminal ways.

A year later, while on bail, the bully fired shots at a house on Oranmore Road, Ballyfermot, where a woman was sleeping after just being released from hospital.

The dumb thug earlier that day told the woman’s daughter, Lena Tims, and son’s partner, Linda Carrie, that he would “blow your heads off” and threatened to burn the house down.

Ennis pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to gardaí at his home on January 13, 2014.

He also pleaded guilty to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Ms Carrie and Ms Tims, threatening to damage property and possession of a firearm on May 8, 2015.

Judge Martin Nolan said Ennis showed extreme violence against gardaí, who handled the situation well but felt threatened and were apprehensive about their own safety.

He said that Ennis most certainly did not have the firearm lawfully and discharged the firearm to terrify his victim.

The judge said that while Ennis has had “better days”, he must impose a substantial sentence due to the seriousness of the offences.

He imposed a six-year sentence running consecutively and backdated it to May, when Ennis went into custody.