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Scorned wife hammers home point

Scorned wife hammers home point

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as shown this week by an Irish traveller woman who took a sledge hammer to her husband’s brand new BMW.

In a video rant posted on social media and viewed by more than 50,000 people in just 24 hours she accused her man of straying offside with ‘a country girl.’

She took aim with a sledge hammer at the pristine black 3 Series BMW battering its windscreen and rear window.

While the side windows prove up to the test the wing mirrors don’t, as the young mum swears revenge on the husband she accused of going off looking for “head.”

“I’m married ten year and I never broke nothing in my while life,” the furious woman shouts.

“I never broke a cup, a plate, in my life,” she said between hammer blows.

“I’m going to scrap it by the time I’m finished.”

“You won’t be going home to this car and you won’t be selling your trailer. That’s what it cost you for your one night.”

“I hope to almighty Jesus that it was well worth it,” she added.

“I can assure you its going to be worse on you. When I’m finished this video, it’s going to be world-wide, no one’s going to have you,” she warned.

Her actions drew widespread praise on a social media page popular with the traveller community.

“He should have kept it zipped up, then this would not have happened. Good on his wife. Well done Mrs,” posted one.