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Scissors Sister's son has head cracked open in jail yard attack

James Farrelly
James Farrelly

SCISSOR SISTER Linda Mulhall’s son had his jaw smashed in two places and the back of his head cracked open in a horror jail yard attack.

Linda Mulhall

Serial burglar James Farrelly was rushed to the Mater Hospital after he was blindsided in a punch thrown by protection inmate Blake Tobin in Mountjoy’s B-wing exercise yard.

Tobin (32), launched the savage blow over rumours that Farrelly had labelled him a ‘rat’.

A source told the Sunday World that 23-year-old Farrelly was being escorted from the basement of the C-wing to a B-wing basement cell on Monday of last week when the attack occurred.

“Farrelly was being escorted through the yard when Tobin walked up behind him and hit him a crack full force into the jaw. He didn’t see it coming and was unconscious before he even hit the ground,” said the source.

“On his way down he cracked the back of his head off the ground and his scalp split open.

“There was a panic as officers tried to stem the blood-flow until medics arrived in the yard and stretchered Farrelly out. He was rushed to the Mater where he underwent extensive surgery to repair his jaw.

 “He had to have two steel plates inserted and also required 10 staples to the back of the head.”

Tobin – who has been subjected to internal disciplinary proceedings over the attack – is serving a two-year eight-month sentence for dangerous driving.

Originally from Sheepmore Crescent in Blanchardstown, he has 53 previous convictions, mostly for road traffic and public order matters. He is currently banned from driving for 40 years.

Blake survived an attempted hit on his life in 2007, during which his brother Ian was killed after he was mistaken for Blake. 

Farrelly’s mother Linda (40) was jailed for 15 years for the man- slaughter of her mother’s boyfriend Farah Swaleh Noor in Dublin in 2005. His aunt Charlotte (29) got life for the brutal killing.

Linda is scheduled for release from in early 2018.