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Scissor Sister to shack up with ex prison officer after release

Linda Mulhall
Linda Mulhall

Scissor sister Linda Mulhall plans to move into a love-nest with a former prison warden following her release from the Dochas Centre.

Linda’s plans to resume her relationship with the former warden were discovered when officers seized a letter she was slipping to a relative during a visit earlier this week.

“All letters have to go through the prison censor and for that reason the officer seized it from Mulhall,” the source revealed.

“The letter was handed over to the Operational Support Group [the prison’s security service] who discovered it was addressed to a former warden.

“The contents of the letter essentially referred to the fact that Linda can’t wait to see him again when she gets out and that they are going to set up home together.”

The Sunday World revealed last November how authorities in the Dochas Centre were probing allegations that Mulhall had engaged in sexual relations with a staff member in the prison kitchens.

Bosses at the prison also suspected the romps between Mulhall and a named individual also took place in a number of jail cells not covered by CCTV.

Footage obtained by authorities showed the person suspected of being involved with Linda surreptitiously placing items in her bags.

For legal reasons the Sunday World cannot identify the person suspected of having been involved with Mulhall, but sources say that individual is no longer in a position where he has access to prisoners in the Dochas.

It is understood that as part of that probe into relations between the pair, CCTV footage going back several months has been examined.

Farah Noor

Mulhall is due to be released from prison in January of 2018, but had hoped to secure parole at an earlier date. Jail bosses had been considering Mulhall’s request when the alleged trysts came to light.

The 41-year-old is due for release in January next year after serving a 15-year manslaughter sentence.

Linda, together with her sister Charlotte, brutally butchered their mother’s partner in a case that shook Ireland to its core in 2005.

During interviews with Gardaí in relation to Farah Noor’s killing, Linda claimed her mother’s boyfriend had made a pass at her, which prompted her sister Charlotte to pick up a Stanley blade and cut his throat, as their mother Kathleen begged her daughters to kill him.

In court, Linda admitted repeatedly hitting the victim over the head with a hammer.

The pair dragged his body into the bathroom of their mother’s flat and spent hours cutting it up with a bread knife.

The sisters then dumped their victim’s headless torso into the Royal Canal near Ballybough.

The severed head was taken by bus to Tallaght, where it was buried and reburied in a number of locations. The head has never been recovered.

Noor’s torso and limbs were spotted by passers- by 10 days later.

Linda has reportedly enjoyed a number of affairs with other inmates, while Charlotte’s long-term prison girlfriend Karen Kelly passed away in her home in Waterford last year.