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Prison officer faces probe over 10-year poison-pen letter campaign

Arbour Hill Prison
Arbour Hill Prison

A PRISON officer is facing prosecution in connection with a hate-filled 10 year poison-pen campaign against fellow officers and senior Irish Prison Service officials after his home was raided by Gardai.

During a campaign of poison pen letter writing, the officer is understood to have targeted dozens of individuals including:

A prison officer he believed to be gay;

A woman who’s prison officer husband had taken his own life.

A prison official battling a serious illness;

The Sunday World is aware of the identity of the officer – who is based at Arbour Hill prison – but for legal reasons we cannot disclose this.

It’s understood he has been questioned under caution by Gardai but has yet to face formal charge in connection with the probe.

“This was abuse on a par with something that has rarely been seen by even the toughest personnel in the service,” a source told the Sunday World.

“The content of these letters was utterly vile. 

“He accused female staff members of carrying on affairs with inmates, abused people over what he believed to be their sexual orientation and targeted people out on sick leaves with serious illnesses.

“He put people through hell and even though the letters were being sent anonymously he would have been under suspicion by colleagues going back a large number of years.”

The Sunday World understands that among those targeted were officers who worked with the individual during his time in various prisons, governors of other prisons and officals within the prison service.

It’s understood that a decision was made to refer the letters to the Gardai after a significant dossier of the letters was compiled when victims came forward.

A source said the letters were subjected by Gardai to forensic analysis and a profile was built up based on postal stamps to locate the area where they were being sent from.

Contacted on Friday a spokesperson for the Irish Prison Service said they would not be making any comment.