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Posh prostitutes exposed in Dublin's IFSC as clampdown starts on city pimps

Posh prostitutes exposed in Dublin's IFSC as clampdown starts on city pimps
Posh prostitutes exposed in Dublin's IFSC as clampdown starts on city pimps

IT WAS meant to be the jewel in the crown of our high-flying financial services sector – but the IFSC has also become the centre of the sex-for-sale business.

The Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) was built by the government in a bid to attract international finance companies to Dublin.

However, the posh complex has also acted as a magnet for cashstarved sex workers from across the globe.

And while a number of the financial institutions have suffered during the recession, business is booming for sex workers in the IFSC.

A source has revealed that there are more condoms sold in pharmacies based near the IFSC than any other area in the country.

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As part of a Sunday World uncover investigation, we discovered a number of seedy brothels operating out of the once sought-after IFSC apartments, selling sex for as little as €60.

Foreign Two or three hookers can be found working out of a number of flats, located in the Custom House Harbour apartments, at any time on any given day.

The brothels – next to billionaire financial institutions – are filled with Japanese, Nigerian and English hookers, many of whom jet in for a few days at a time to ‘service’ punters.

After contacting the prostitute by phone, our undercover team made appointments to meet with two of the foreign ladies.

Apple, a 24-year-old Chinese escort, operating from the Tuskar Rock area of the apartment complex, describes herself as an “A-level Asian escort service just for you”.

After making contact by phone, Apple gave us a security code for the complex and directed us to a specific apartment.

The smiling escort welcomed our man into her apartment wearing nothing but lingerie.

In heavily accented English, she said: “Oh, hello, how are you? Would you like a glass of water?” She then led our man into her room, which was lit with a red light

bulb and contained a towel-covered mattress, with lubricant and condoms visible on the bedside locker.

Her rate was €80 for half an hour, which was handed over by our reporter as soon as the door was closed. Instantly, Apple attempted to start undressing our reporter, who politely asked to use the bathroom.

When he opened the door, the Asian escort had stripped naked and was standing in the bedroom beckoning him inside. Our man attempted to make his excuses, but was cut off by the naked Apple, who put his hand on her breasts and said: “You stay, you stay.”

The pretty young prostitute, who looked heartbroken at the rejection, then attempted to return the money, saying: “No, wait, your money.”

There are more escorts active in the four square kilometres of Dublin 1 than in every county in the midlands and the sunny south-east put together.

With an average of six active prostitutes every 250 metres, this part of the capital can only be described as a haven for hookers in Ireland.

Amy, a 19-year-old Hungarian, was also working out of the Custom House Harbour apartments. Ironically, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter previously owned an apartment in the Custom House Harbour complex which appeared under his name in the Dáil’s register of interests until 2009.

Exotic In her ad on Escort Ireland, attractive brunette Amy described herself as “a young girl, incredibly attractive, exotic, sexy, charismatic and a true temptress”. She offers a range of sexual services and claims she is “eager to please you, beyond your wildest dreams”.

Amy charges a total €140 an hour for straight sex, role play, domination and lap-dancing. Arrangements were made to meet

Amy in the afternoon and following instructions from the escort, our man was directed to the complex.

He was met at the door of an apartment block named Aranmore and was brought inside.

The spacious apartment was dark and a number of the doors were closed, but another man and woman could be heard in a separate bedroom.

After being ushered into a vacant room and told to remove his clothes, Amy – who had very poor English – then asked for her money.

She said: “€70 for half hour, more if you want more.” After being paid, the escort motioned for our reporter to remove his clothes, but instead he told the girl he was nervous and because of his girlfriend, he couldn’t continue.

She was genuinely taken aback and seemed even offended as he left.

She said: “Are you crazy? Why?” Two escorts were contacted only by phone – the first, Bianca, a 20- year-old Spanish escort, directed our man through her broken English to Connolly Station.

The 5’8” brunette was intending to charge €70 for half an hour of her company.

Bianca’s page shows that she operates a 24/7 business and caters for everything from shower and bathtub games to couples.

Once our reporter arrived at the rendezvous point, he called the girl again and was led to the Custom House Harbour complex.

Upon receiving her address, our man then left and contacted the second randomly-chosen Dublin 1 escort.

The brunette is one of a number of so-called touring escorts who use the IFSC as a base during their brief visits to the country Lease Gardai believe that some of these tours are arranged by so-called agents who work for a flat fee.

The agent deals with the shortterm lease, arranges to collect the foreign hookers from the airport and provides them with transport.

They then take a percentage of the prostitutes’ profits. Melissa, an Eastern European prostitute, was the second girl to be contacted.

The brunette prostitute boasted that her assets were unenhanced and offered a range of services for €100. Similar to Bianca, she told our man to go to Connolly Station and to contact her from there.

When he called her, our reporter was shocked to be told by the escort that he once again had to go to the Custom House Harbour apartments in Dublin’s IFSC.

The growing prevalence of seedy brothels in the IFSC has not gone unnoticed. In recent comments to the Oireachtas, Superintendent Fergus Healy of the Garda’s Crime Policy and Administration Unit revealed that the Gardai were aware of a staggering 800 prostitutes working in the Republic on a daily basis, with their services being advertised in every single county

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