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Pimps operating brothel beside garda station in rural town

Maite peeping out the Boyle apartment
Maite peeping out the Boyle apartment

PIMPS are operating a brothel under the noses of cops in a little rural town known as the location for a hit TV show.

An investigation by the Sunday World can reveal how escorts operate their sexual services from a little apartment less than 100 yards from a Garda Station in the rural town of Boyle in Co. Roscommon.

Boyle is known as the location where hit Irish sitcom Moone Boy – featuring actor Chris O’Dowd – was filmed.

However, the rural town with a population of less than 2,500 people, is now the home of escorts offering sexual pleasures for a fee of €100.

The town has become a sex tourism destination after paying for sex became illegal in Northern Ireland last year. If convicted under the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act 2015, an offender could be fined, sentenced up to one year in jail, or both.

Less than an hour’s drive from the border, horny northern punters are flooding to Boyle for sordid romps.

We tracked down a 26-year-old Spanish girl known as ‘Maite’ on the infamous Escort Ireland website, who describes herself as a “sophisticated, classy young girl” who is famous for her “super great service”.

Maite advertised she was providing her “favourite services” in Boyle – including oral sex and anal sex – for a fee ranging from €100 for a half-hour to €200 for an hour.

When our team contacted Maite she advised us to “let me know a half-hour before” we wanted to meet.

We booked an appointment to meet the escort and, in a bizarre twist, she told our team she was operating just beside the town’s only Garda Station.

“The apartment is near the Garda Station…give me a call when you are in Boyle,” Maite told our undercover reporter.

When we arrived we discovered that Maite was operating her vice den from a small apartment in the Riverside development – an estate which is also home to young families.

Once inside the cold and damp apartment, Maite guided us to a small, dingy room.

Wearing a skimpy little dress under her nightgown, Maite looked completely drained and did not reflect her attractive profile picture.

When asked if she offers full sex, Maite told the Sunday World: “Yes with condom…blow job can be with or without if you are clean.

“It’s €100 for 30 minutes and I do whatever I have on my profile. Don’t worry, I don’t kill you, I’m very friendly, you just need to relax and think you are with your girlfriend.”

When our reporter said he wanted to leave and didn’t want to pay for sex, the feisty escort argued for three minutes and tried to swindle money from the Sunday World.

“Why don’t you try to relax. I will make you relax, don’t worry.

You made a booking, you need to respect that,” said Maite.

The escort made a violent outburst before eventually letting our man leave.

Our man entering the sordid sex den 

“You think you can just show up here. You have to pay first. Get out now! You think I waste my time with bastards like you, seeing if you are nervous or not,” she shouted, before slamming the door when we left.

Her profile on Escort Ireland reveals Maite has been operating in Ireland since 2012.

The profile reveals shocking details about organised prostitution – with sleazy men writing reviews of their experience with Maite in towns across the country, including in Newbridge, Athlone, Mayo and Kerry.

One man, who goes by the name of ‘soldierboi’, commented: “She made me very uneasy and uncomfortable by saying ‘i will chop your c**k off’.”

A week later we discovered two escorts in Boyle offering a range of sexual services, from crossdressing, role play, submissive sex and foot fetish.

Maite was offering sex this week in Castlebar, Co. Mayo – the home town of Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

The sex trade is thriving in border towns such as Letterkenny, Cavan, Monaghan and Dundalk – all easy drives for Northern men looking for nookie.

However, time is running out for pimps to cash in on sleazy sex in the Republic, with the Government proposing new laws to ban the business.

One of the biggest losers will be convicted pimp Peter McCormick, who runs a website making €5million a year from hookers’ ads.

His website has been linked in court cases against pimps where women were trafficked to work here in brothels.

The law changes in Northern Ireland have motivated campaigners to call for similar changes in the Republic of Ireland.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has published draft laws that will make it illegal for punters to hand over cash for sex.

It also includes hard-hitting laws that could see sex-buyers jailed for five years for paying for sex with a victim of trafficking.

Although sex-buyers look set to be criminalised, the planned new law falls short of the Oireachtas Justice Committee’s report.

Last year the cross-party committee recommended that Gardaí be given the power to shut down mobile phone numbers used on hookers’ adverts.

They also said laws criminalising prostitutes should be repealed and accessing websites that are advertising prostitution should become an offence.