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PICS: Drug mule McCollum's secret love for sick Bosnian gangster

McCollum and Hamidovic
McCollum and Hamidovic

THIS is drug mule Michaella McCollum’s secret convict boyfriend – a Bosnian gangster linked to one of Europe’s biggest child exploitation rackets.

The Sunday World can exclusively reveal how McCollum (24), enjoyed trysts behind bars with criminal Anthony ‘Javier’ Hamidovic while both served time inside Peru’s notorious Ancon prison.


And it can also be revealed how their top-secret relationship carried on well after the Tyrone cocaine trafficker left Lima for Ireland.

As well as exchanging loved-up texts and snaps, McCollum and Hamidovic have also vowed to meet up after he finishes his stretch behind bars later this year.


But the jailbirds may not get the chance, as police in Bosnia want to speak to the criminal over a worldwide pickpocket network which saw 500 child thieves put on the streets.

Security sources in the Bosnian town of Zenica say the 26-year-old – also known as Toni – will be arrested “on sight” if he returns, after seven members of his family were charged with child exploitation, human trafficking and child labour in 2015.

The men, including his father and two brothers, are accused of trafficking children from the Balkans to cities in tourist hotspots across Europe, including Paris and Rome.

There they were told if they did not steal up to €300 each a day, they would be punished with violence or rape. 


Hamidovic’s father (above), ‘Elvis’ the alleged ring leader, is still in custody and awaiting trial over the charges, while his brothers were released on bail.

The 26-year-old is said to have only escaped arrest because he was already behind bars in Lima on a drugs offence.

It was here the criminal – who has not been convicted in relation to the alleged pickpocketing ring – met McCollum, who was caught with Melissa Reid attempting to smuggle more than £1.5 million of cocaine from Lima airport in 2013 (below).


Last night a friend revealed how the pair fell “head over heels” after making secret trips to each other’s cells in the Peruvian prison.

“They became inseparable,” the pal told the Sunday World.

“Javvy has a thing for blondes and told inmates that she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. 

“They met after she was moved to Ancon II prison in 2014. He was already in there housed in the male section of the prison, known as Ancon I.

“He was in the low security area where it was easier for male and female criminals to mix with each other.

“They were nearly always together and when they weren’t, they were texting on smuggled phones.”

There is no suggestion that the former model – who is tipped to appear on Celebrity Big Brother later this year – knew about her boyfriend’s alleged connection to the pickpocketing ring, or that she is connected in any way.

The friend added: “Even when ‘Kayla’ was released on probation last year, she went back every week to the prison to visit him. It was a bit of a trek from her apartment in Miraflores. 

“Ancon is in the desert on the outskirts of Lima and it can take up to two hours to get out there. She even told her family in Tyrone about him. So it shows how much she cared about him.

“Javvy was heartbroken when Kayla left to go home, but they have kept in touch and have promised to meet up again.”

As our exclusive pictures show, the drugs couple were inseparable during their time in Peru.

Messages posted alongside pictures on the 26-year-old’s Instagram page show how much he has been pining for the cocaine mule.

In one post, he told pals how much he missed his “beautiful girlfriend”, while in another he said how he was “jealous” of McCollum’s family and friends who now see her every day.


His social media account is also filled with images of the pair passionately embracing and taking selfies. 

In one, the former model tenderly kisses him on the cheek, while in another they sit closely together on a small prison bed. 

In stark contrast, his account also features snaps of him wearing designer clothes, taking trips on a private jet and posing alongside top-of-the range sports cars. 

In one image, a £150,000 Maserati motor is parked outside the doors of his Zenica home (below), the same four-storied mansion raided by armed police in 2015.


Last night, a Bosnian security source said: “Prosecutors want to know how these people lived a life of luxury, wihtout having full-time jobs.

“The suspicion is that they made their fortune through this pickpocketing ring and they want to question everyone who may have had a part. 

“That includes Anthony Hamidovic, who had been living in this building until he was jailed in Peru in and around 2013.

“Their information is that this criminal enterprise has been going on from 2012 and could have earned gangsters up to £2 million.”

Their arrests are linked to that of Eastern European ‘Fagin’ Fehim Hamidovic in 2013.


The grandfather, who is also from Bosnia, allegedly earned more than £1million a year– much of it coming from British tourists – which he spent on holiday homes, luxury cars and high-rolling casino trips.

He is also said to have controlled a network of hundreds of young girls on the streets of Paris – who he threatened with beatings, cigarette burns and even rape if they failed to steal enough cash.

Following his arrest French police said the ring was responsible for around 75 per cent of all thefts in the Paris metro system.