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Paranoid Kinahan gangster “ordering cocaine like a takeaway”

'Fat' Freddie Thompson
'Fat' Freddie Thompson

THE KINAHAN Cartel has unleashed a new wave of terror in Ireland’s underworld in a desperate bid to raise enough cash to wage war.

Criminals, led by paranoid cocaine thug ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, are chasing former associates to pay up small drug debts and are striking terror across the capital.

Thompson and his cousin Liam Roe have been setting their attack dogs loose across the city, calling in debts they claim are owed to them from small-time crooks in their own network.

Liam Roe

Gardaí believe they even attempted to have a former associate shot dead a fortnight ago over a €5,000 debt which they insisted he owed them, in what has become a second front in the cartel’s gangland war with the Hutch mob.

The man was pursued by a gunman through Dublin’s northside, before members of the Emergency Response Unit came to his aid as he took refuge in Bohemians Football Club.

He has refused to give a statement, but Gardaí had previously raided his home after seeing Thompson, Roe and even Daniel Kinahan using it as a safe house following the Regency Hotel attack.

Sources say that the man – who had an address in the south inner city – was storing bullets and drugs for the gang, which were seized during a raid on the property as part of the massive clampdown on cartel chiefs.

It is understood that following the raid, Thompson and Roe demanded to be paid back for their lost goods and demanded €10,000 up front. Sources believe some of the money was paid, but that the man told the thugs he couldn’t come up with the full amount.

Days later, on May 21, the same man was forced to flee for his life through the streets of Phibsboro, chased by an armed gunman

It is now understood that the hard-up gangsters decided they wanted to make an example of their former associate and set one of their key north Dublin hitmen on him.

A quick-thinking motorist spotted the man as he fled his attacker. The motorist rang 999 and reported that a man with a blue top was being chased by a hitman holding a handgun.

Miraculously, the man ran down Dalymount Lane to hide in the grounds of Bohemians Football Club and remained undercover until members of the Garda’s Emergency Response Unit arrived.

The gunman managed to escape the scene and while the target has refused to make a statement or co-operate with officers, he is known to Gardaí.

It is understood that officers had raided his home on a number of occasions and issued him with a GIM (Garda Information Message) warning following the incident. Sources say the man has now relocated out of Dublin in fear for his life.

Another shooting incident last month in west Dublin is also believed to be linked to a drugs debt owed by Thompson.

The gang is starting to feel the heat as Garda top brass and politicians vow to clamp down on organised crime once and for all.

Raids across the capital have left mid-ranking dealers, who the Kinahans depend on for their cash flow, rattled. Underworld sources told the Sunday World that dealers are desperate to offload stashes of drugs at knockdown rates as Garda raids are stepped up.

Earlier this week, cops seized €1.4million in heroin believed to belong to the cartel as part of Operation Thistle – the crackdown on the Kinahan drug dealing network.

The bust followed a major surveillance operation against the mob in the capital’s south inner city. The drugs were discovered when officers searched a house and a shed in the Whitefriar Gardens area on Wednesday evening.

Around €10,000 worth of cannabis herb was also seized and a suspect was taken to Kevin Street Garda Station for questioning.

The haul will inevitably spark more paranoia and finger pointing among the cartel, who have started to feel the toll of their unprecedented war on the Monk’s family.

Carrying out six gangland murders in 100 days has placed intense Garda pressure on the mob’s key gunmen and their drug-dealing networks.

The Kinahans are relying on their enforcer Fat Freddie – who has been dividing his time between the U.K. and Ireland, staying in hotels and homes of relatives, while Liam Roe has also been lying low, sleeping wherever he can get a bed.

Another key player in the drugs trade from the Crumlin area, Gareth Chubb, has been living in hotels since his Rathfarnham home was raided a number of times by Gardaí.

Gareth Chubb

He handed back the keys two weeks ago after the latest raid and has been moving around the city with a female companion.

Sources say that Thompson has been ordering cocaine like takeaway pizzas, which is only fuelling his already heightened paranoia.

Contacts within the criminal underworld say that the murders are being fuelled and ordered in Dublin and not from Spain or Dubai, where Daniel Kinahan is based.

It is those close to him whose insatiable appetite for revenge has led to the swift and merciless bloodshed that has finally placed organised crime at the top of the political agenda.

For years, the Kinahans were happy to grow their empire in the shadows while the Irish state looked the other way. Now, finally, they are in the spotlight.