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Paedo says “I’m sick my victims got money”

Ger Doyle
Ger Doyle

PAEDOPHILE swim coach Ger Doyle this week told the Sunday World: “I’m sick my victims got money.”

Describing himself as “penniless”, the former Olympic coach raged that he is “pissed off” New Ross Town Council settled a High Court action taken by four of his victims this week, adding he wasn’t asked by the Council to help defend the claims.

The victims sued both Doyle and New Ross Town Council, as they employed him as a swimming coach at New Ross Swimming Pool in Co. Wexford.

Sickeningly, Doyle, who served  three years in prison after being convicted on 35 sex related offences against children in the ’80s and ’90s,  told us he was completely innocent of all charges and repeated claims he made during his trial that his victims made up the allegations so they could take the civil action.

“I always maintained it was money – I always maintained it was money and that was it,” Doyle ranted.

“When my case was going through the court they maintained they weren’t looking for anything other than justice, but now you see it.

“I went to court. I served time, I did my time for something I didn’t do and I’ll maintain that until the day I die.

“I could have pleaded guilty and got a lighter sentence.

“What do I do now? That’s my big problem. I’m entitled to nothing. I’m not entitled to social welfare. I haven’t got a penny.

“I had more money in prison. That was €18.90 a week and that’s more than I’m getting now. I’m getting nothing.

“I don’t get social welfare because I own a house, and my house is rented so I can pay the mortgage on it. So unless I sell my house I’m not entitled to a penny. I can work, but who wants to employ me. That’s the big problem in my life.

 “I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“I’ve nothing, absolutely nothing. My family are looking after me and they can’t afford to be doing that either.

“I feel very bitter. That’s putting a word to it, but I can’t use a word to explain it – there are no words.

“For me it’s a pain in the arse.

“Thankfully, I have a family and I don’t want them to suffer, but they are 100 per cent behind me. I’m pissed off. There’s nothing I can do about that.

“I suppose I feel sick… I feel sick.

“I had leukaemia in 2009 and I made a statement that I would have preferred to die of leukaemia rather than what happened afterwards.

During his 2012 trial, Kilkenny Circuit Criminal Court heard how Doyle would bring his victims into his office and measure their shoulders, waist, legs and penises.

One victim said that during one incident Doyle brought him into his office,  claiming he had been messing in the changing rooms.

He locked the door and told his victim he wouldn’t call the Gardaí if he let him punish him.

His victim said: “I became petrified and was glued to the spot with fear. I tried to push his hands away, but I was too weak. Doyle then took my togs off, saying I was all wet.

“He walked behind me, rubbing my shoulders and I could feel him pushing himself against me. I had not reached puberty, but I knew this should not be taking place and what Ger Doyle was doing was for sexual pleasure.

“He measured my arms, shoulders and legs and measured my penis. He sent me to the toilet and told me to masturbate and then he would measure my penis again.

“Nothing happened when I attempted to masturbate. I was too young. I had not reached puberty.”

Another victim told how Doyle put his hand inside his swimming togs and touched his private parts, while another boy told of having his pants pulled down and being slapped on the backside.

In sentencing, Judge Alice Doyle noted Doyle’s lack of remorse.

“These offences were secretly done and carefully planned, for the complainants were manipulated into accepting what kind of ‘punishment’ they should receive.

“He assaulted these young boys, breached their trust and that of their families. He manipulated these children over a 10-year period,” she said.

She said his crimes were “premeditated” and a “threat was implicit” that the children would suffer consequences and be removed from their chosen sport if they told anyone about the assaults.

She said Doyle “made a very good job of managing New Ross swimming pool from the age of 19”, but all the time he was “manipulating young children to abuse them”.

Doyle went on to become national and Olympic coach before the Sydney Olympics in 2000. However, he had to pull out of the Olympics after falling ill.

He was later reappointed to the role and travelled with the Irish team to the Athens Olympics four years later.

Doyle was a colleague of former national swimming coach Derry
O’Rourke, who was jailed for 12 years in 1998 for sexual assault, indecent assault and statutory rape of children.

Another national coach, George
Gibney, was charged with sexual abuse, but a judicial review prevented the case from proceeding because of the time elapsed since the alleged incidents.

Speaking of his disgraced contemporaries, Doyle this week told us he was not friends with them and they had frozen him out during their time at the top in Ireland’s swimming circles.

“To be honest I knew them all… Derry O’Rourke, George Gibney… obviously we were all in the same field,” Doyle said.

“But I wasn’t classed as a coach in their eyes for years and years.

“They were the hierarchy, but I was just no-one to them.

“It wasn’t until they went out of it that I was moved up.

“I wouldn’t mix with them at all… the only time we ever met was at competitions, but I know nothing about them.”