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Pacteau's accuser in rape trial says 'I knew he would strike again'

Alexander Pacteau
Alexander Pacteau

The woman who accused Alexander Pacteau of sexual assault in 2011 warned a government minister that he would attack again two years before he killed Karen Buckley

When Pacteau admitted to the brutal murder of the Irish student in court this week, details emerged of his acquittal on sexual assault charges in 2013.

Pacteau, 17 at the time of the incident, was accused of attempting to rape a woman in Glasgow after meeting her and walking together to find a taxi but a jury acquitted him when the case came to trial in 2013.

Now the young woman from that case has spoken to the Glasgow Herald to reveal that she warned a government minister in 2013 that she believed Pacteau would attack another woman.

 "From the moment I knew he was found not guilty in my case, I knew in my heart I would see his name again one day because he had hurt someone else," the 28-year old is quoted as saying.

"When he was found not guilty my heart broke and I just didn't know how to recover.

"I had a horrible feeling I wouldn't be the last person that he hurt. And every day since that day this thought has tortured me."

The woman was so worried she wrote to the then Justice Secretary in Scotland, Kenny MacAskill, to warn them to watch Pacteau closely. 

"After the verdict, my world fell apart and I can’t describe the agony of not being believed.

"In desperation, I wrote a letter explaining why I knew he was a danger to others, which I sent to the Justice Secretary.

"In my last paragraph this is what I wrote: 'Please help me stop him from doing this or worse to another woman or girl. I dread to think what he may be capable of doing to others in the future. I cannot sit back and do nothing'.

"Reading this letter now makes me feel sick as my nightmare has come true."

In April, Pacteau met and killed Karen Buckley in a violent assault with a spanner, only a mile from where the incident in 2011 had occurred. He then spent days trying to hide and dispose of the body before the police arrested him and charged him with the Cork woman's murder.

Pacteau pleaded guilty to the murder this week in Glasgow and he will be sentenced next month.

The woman also spoke of how 'lucky' she now feels to have escaped with her life from her encounter with the murderer and she also speaks of her shock when she saw Pacteau's name being linked with the murder of the Irish woman.