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More than 50 people warned by gardai that their lives are in danger over gangland feud

Around 30 of those issued with the warnings have connections to the Hutch faction
Around 30 of those issued with the warnings have connections to the Hutch faction

OVER 50 people, including innocent women and teenagers linked with criminals on both sides of the bitter gangland feud, have been officially warned by gardai about active threats against their lives.

Among these are around 30 people connected to the Hutch faction which includes yesterday’s murder victim Gareth Hutch (35).

A Garda Information Message, known as a GIM form, is an official garda document in which officers give formal notice that they are aware of a possible threat to a target’s life or safety.

The number of GIM forms handed out by officers would be much higher except that senior gardai in some districts have decided not to issue official the forms because doing so increases paranoia and can increase the threat of murders.

Earlier this month, the Herald revealed that senior officers in a number of capital’s garda districts have decided that issuing these forms to criminals involved in the feud was “counterproductive.”

Gardai have identified over 50 women who have been linked to the dangerous mobs involved in the bitter gang war between the Hutch mob and Christy Kinahan cartel.

It was established that over 30 of these women are linked to the Hutch gang, while over 20 women are associated with the Kinahan gang.

It is understood that females linked to both factions have been given official warnings from gardai.

Sources have revealed that the age profile of the women involves ranges from girls aged in their mid-teens to great-grandmothers aged in their 70s.

Meanwhile, some of the most high-profile criminals linked to the feuding gangs have also been officially warned by gardai about active threats on their lives in recent months.

These include veteran criminals Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch(53) and Martin ‘Viper’ Foley (65).

While ‘The Monk’ is suspected of being heavily involved in the feud, Crumlin-based criminal Foley is not.

Another high-profile member of the Kinahan gang warned in March of a threat to his life is Tallaght-based cartel enforcer Paul Rice (47), who was visited by gardai in March.

Two feared Dublin gangsters who were arrested and then released without charge by gardai investigating the feud murder of Eddie Hutch at his home on Poplar Row in Dublin’s north inner city on the night of February 8 have also been issued with the official garda notification.

They received their warnings just days after the murder of Eddie Hutch when gardai got information that the rival faction intended to target the cartel gunman responsible.