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Notorious dealer flaunts horse drawn carriage for family affair

Chubb hired Cinderella style carriage
Chubb hired Cinderella style carriage

Gangland target Gareth Chubb proudly smiles for the cameras as he openly spends a fortune on a ‘fairytale’ Communion day out for a family member.

The Drimnagh native has been lying low in fear for his life since the brutal Kinahan-Hutch feud broke out and divided Ireland’s biggest drug gang.

But Chubb, who is a key associate of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson and Liam Byrne, pulled out all the stops for a Communion party, laying on the bling in his home neighbourhood in an eye-catching display of his wealth.

Chubb hired a horse and fairy-tale carriage for the big occasion last month, turning the little girl into a princess for the day.

Gareth Chubb at First Holy Communion 

He also hosted a pricey party afterwards which is believed to have cost thousands of euro.

Chubb has been living in hotels since his Rathfarnham home was raided a number of times by Gardaí over the past few months.

He is believed to be paranoid that there is a bounty on his head and has been moving from place to place in fear that rival criminals might target him.

He had been living in a smart, semi-detached home in a posh housing estate in Rathfarnham, but he handed back the keys of his suburban hideout after officers investigating organised crime targeted his home.

He was raided as part of the Garda crackdown on the Kinahan mob’s operations in Ireland, which is now under a major offensive from the State.

Chubb is one of the key targets, but he believes he is also on a hitlist which the Hutch faction have drawn up since suffering huge losses in the drug feud.

Chubb is known as being volatile and aggressive and loves to show his impressive muscles.

He has risen up the ranks of the Kinahan Cartel since he was convicted of cocaine dealing in 2007.

At that point he was a lowly player in Thompson’s operation, but is now considered a major Garda target in his own right.

Chubb emerged from his bolthole for party

The perma-tanned gangster, who boasts of his romantic conquests with a variety of women, loves designer clothes and fast cars.

He often travels to the Czech Republic where he and his pals test high powered weapons including sub-machine guns, AK47s and sniper rifles.

However, Chubb showed his softer side when he flashed the cash for his family member’s big day and posed for photographs that were proudly displayed on social media.

Criminals have always been fond of showing two fingers to hard working neighbours and the police with lavish displays.

Chubb isn’t the first thug to create a spectacle for all to see in his

Shortly after his last release from prison in May 2010, Wayne Dundon held a huge bash for his daughter’s First Holy Communion.

He paid for a garish pink and white Communion parade led by a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage through Limerick and even dressed in a pink suit himself to match the lavish show of wealth.

He was photographed at Limerick’s People’s Park and following the publication of the snaps in the local Limerick Leader newspaper, a furious Dundon stormed into the offices and blasted: “Ye’ve been writing about me for years and I never once complained. I’m fair game, I’ve been a bad person, I’ve done wrong things.

“Say what ye like about me. In for a penny, in for a pound. But my daughter was very upset. This has hit a nerve… I’m a Traveller, my wife is a Traveller. It was just a family do.”

Gareth Chubb has been well known to the Gardaí for years and had his home shot at as part of the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud. He is regarded as one of the most ‘up and coming’ criminals in the south inner city. Chubb’s father is the criminal Noel Chubb, previously jailed for his role in the death of a civil servant.

In May 1991, Chubb (54), was convicted of the manslaughter of Seamus Broderick (27), from Galway, on Leeson Street in Dublin.

The court was told that Chubb, who was working as a nightclub bouncer, punched and kicked Broderick before throwing him down a set of steps.

Chubb cut his teeth with the Thompson gang as a young teenager. Aged just 25 he was arrested in connection with the gun murder in Inchicore of Paul McCarthy, but he was released without charge.

His name appeared on a Real IRA hit list a number of years ago.