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Nolan ready to return after jail stretch for fag-delivery hijack plot

Andrew Nolan
Andrew Nolan

THE head of a Limerick clan based in the notorious Southill area is due back in Ireland after serving a four-year sentence in the U.K. for a cigarette- delivery hijack plot.

This mugshot, which was released by the Met Police, shows Andrew Nolan in custody after being arrested for conspiring to rob consignments of cigarettes in the UK.


Earlier this month, the Sunday World revealed how Andrew’s colourful sister Shauna and mum Bridget recently escaped a jail term after they were caught in a graveyard with a handbag full of drugs.

A source said Shauna has been excitedly anticipating her brother’s release and has travelled to England for his release.


Andrew – a cousin of the notorious Dundon brothers – has been in jail since April 2015 after police launched an operation against the gang, who had been targeting a cigarette delivery firm.

He was one of three men who used high-powered stolen cars to carry out carefully planned robberies.

Nolan got a four-year stretch in March of last year after pleading guilty to the charge and is due out after serving just over half the sentence.

His cousins, Jeffery Galvin and Gerard Galvin, were also jailed, receiving nine and seven years respectively for the robberies.

Police in the U.K. launched an investigation after separate robberies targeting wholesale company Palmer and Harvey’s drivers, as they delivered cigarettes across the south east of England.

The robberies began on March 12, 2015, and the trio were arrested in April 2015 in Potters Bar, Greater London.

“Although the group seldom used violence, their carjackings and robberies were terrifying for all of their victims, who were just going about their daily business.

The group were highly organised and stole their cars to ensure a robbery could be carried out as efficiently as possible,” said a police spokesman.

Andrew Nolan has several previous convictions, including one in which he lured murder victim Michael Campbell-McNamara to Southill in 2003. He was charged with withholding information and pleaded guilty to ‘engaging in conduct causing a substantial risk of death or serious harm’.

He is the only person to have been convicted in relation to the murder, which was suspected to have been carried out at the behest of the Dundons.

The victim had been tortured and stabbed 19 times before being shot.

Following his release, Andrew was seriously injured in an accident, when the stolen vehicle in which he was travelling crashed while on its way to an armed raid.

Two men died instantly in the smash, but Andrew survived, despite being impaled on branches after the car left the road.

While there are many law-abiding members of the Nolan family in Southill, Andrew’s father, David Snr, was also jailed for possession of a gun and ammo in 2007.

Recently, mum Bridget and daughter Shauna were caught with drugs in a handbag while visiting the grave of another family member in Limerick.


Gardaí caught them red-handed as they collected a bag containing €10,000 worth of prescription drugs.

While they pleaded guilty in court, the prosecutions were dropped by the State on a legal technicality, after a Supreme Court ruling on a separate case.

The women were re-charged and last month pleaded guilty again at the Circuit Court, where Judge Tom O’Donnell applied the Probation Act.

Another brother, David Jnr, was also jailed for four years for threatening to kill a woman, Mary O’Donoghue, in Southill in 2006.

He arrived at the woman’s house waving a samurai sword and shouting “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill your son”.

In court the woman claimed that David made a sinister threat to kill her other son, and mentioned “Michael Campbell Mac style”.