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Irish woman performed sex act on young boy

Irish woman performed sex act on young boy

A youth worker who stripped off and performed a sex act on a 13-year-old boy after a night of boozing has avoided jail time.

The 30-year-old female paedophile, who can’t be named to protect the anonymity of her victim, performed oral sex on her friends son and received an 18-month suspended sentence.

The boy’s mother told The Star:

“If this was a man who did what she did then he would have spent at least the next three years behind bars.

“I feel it is one law for men and another for women who do something like this to children.

The youth worker who assaulted the boy was a family friend and helped change her victim’s nappies when he was a baby.

“This woman was one of my lifelong friends. She helped change my son’s nappy when he was a little baby.

“She was like a mother to him, like a sister to me. “

The boys mum described how the incident unfolded in her sitting room on July 15th 2012 following a night of drinking.

“I had left my phone with my son and then she rang it and asked if she could come up and he said ‘grand’.

“But when she got back she stripped off her clothes and got up on the couch behind him and that’s when the sexual assault happened.

“After she finished what she was doing she came up and got into the bed next to me and fell asleep.

The angry mum said that the mother of one of her son’s friends told her that her son had told one of her kids what had happened.

“I felt like killing her” she told The Star.

“At least I thought she would go to jail for a few months after what she’d done, but I was wrong. “

In court the youth worker pleaded guilty and received an 18-month suspended sentence and was placed on the sex offenders register.

The court heard that she was “deeply ashamed of her actions”