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Nicola Tallant investigates the unsolved murder of Raonaid Murray 15 years on

Unsolved:  Raonaid Murray's murderer remains at large
Unsolved: Raonaid Murray's murderer remains at large

On a Friday night in September of 1999, 17-year-old Raonaid Murray was stabbed to death at Silchester Crescent in Glenageary just yards from her home.

Fifteen years on from the schoolgirl's murder and the case remains unsolved. 

Murray was returning home from a night out in Dublin when she was attacked. She received a number of stab wounds and was found dead a short time later by her sister. 
Before her murder, the teen was heard arguing with somebody. She was heard telling somebody to "leave me alone" and "go away".
She was neither sexually assaulted nor were her possessions taken, which led investigators to the belief she knew her killer. 
Not one person was convicted in relation to the killing, in what was to be one of the largest murder investigations the State has ever seen.
Investigators yesterday said that they have not given up hope on solving the case and have appealed for witnesses to come forward. This week they reiterated an appeal for anybody who may have information on the teen's murder to come forward.
A spokesman said: "Extensive lines of enquiries have been and continue to be pursued by the investigation team. Gardai are again renewing their appeal for any information which may assist in their continued investigation.
"If any person has any information which could assist in identifying a motive for the murder of Raonaid and or if any person has any doubts about the veracity of an alibi provided, we would appeal for your immediate assistance."
Gardai had several suspects in the case but were never able to bring charges. They suspect that several people may have given false alibis to protect the killer and hope that they will come forward and admit their statements were false.
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