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Naked mob boss Kinahan flagged down ambulance after boxer pal shot

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

CARTEL boss Daniel Kinahan ran “stark naked” to flag down an ambulance after boxer Jamie Moore was shot at his Spanish home, the fighter has revealed in his new autobiography.

Sky TV pundit Jamie Moore was the innocent victim of a botched gangland shooting in August 2014 while he was staying at the Marbella home owned by Daniel Kinahan.

Jamie Moore

At the time, Moore – who has no involvement in crime – was in charge of training boxer Matthew Macklin at his gym, MGM, on the Costa del Sol.

Spanish cops initially believed a Russian drugs gang had carried out the hit attempt and had targeted the innocent former pro boxer after mistaking him for Kinahan.

However, it has since emerged that a close pal of slain mobster Gary Hutch is the chief suspect for the attack as tensions between the Kinahan-Hutch clans started to mount.

Writing in his new autobiography, Mooresy: The Fighter’s Fighter, the Manchester boxer describes how a naked Daniel Kinahan confronted him minutes after he was gunned down on the grounds of his villa.

He says: “All of a sudden, I heard the front door of the villa open. I was lying on the ground to one side, so when I looked up at the door, everything was upside down.

“I realised Daniel was standing there totally naked.

“What the fuck’s happened?

“Someone’s shot me.

Moore shows bullet wounds

“What do you mean someone’s shot you? Are they still here?

“No. Listen – the ambulance is outside. Go and get them or I’m going to die.

“Stark naked, Daniel sprinted over to the gates and called the ambulance. As the gates opened, the armed police threw him face down on the floor and handcuffed him. They then stormed in with guns to the garden. I started shouting, ‘the gunman has gone and this man is a friend, get me an ambulance, I’m bleeding to death’.

“I felt my body instantly relax and seconds later I passed out.”

Moore, who is a former European light middleweight champion, was shot at five times and hit twice – in the leg and the foot.

The attack occurred after Moore returned to Kinahan’s home at around 3.30am after a night out in Marbella.

He writes: “I stepped out, paid the taxi driver and then looked up the keypad code for the gates on my phone.

“Always that bit more difficult after a couple of beers. After fumbling with the keypad for a bit, I finally managed to pop in the correct gate code.

“As I started to walk along the path, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone moving from behind the parked car.

“I turned to see who it was and this guy stood there wearing a Halloween-type rubber mask, which looked like some kind of demon. He also had a gun in his hand pointing at me.

“My first thoughts were that the lads were having a laugh, so I turned to this guy with a grin on my face and said, ‘f**k off!’ I took a step forward, but I could sense he was still standing behind me, so I said, ‘you know what – that’s not even funny’.

“Before I could finish my sentence a bullet just smashed deep into my right hip.

“When you get shot close-up, it’s like flicking a light switch. You drop instantly.

 “As I was already falling from the first bullet, by the grace of God, a second one whizzed just over the top of my head.”

Moore writes that he then fell to the ground and saw the gunman take a step so he was standing over him and he opened fire again.

“My body shuddered. It was the only way I knew that I had been hit. I didn’t realise at the time because I couldn’t feel any pain, but he’d just shot a bullet through my left thigh.

“The next bullet didn’t hit me flush and instead grazed my right shoulder blade.

“The final bullet was aimed at my left arm, missed and ricocheted off the ground and burned the length of my arm.

Moore worked at Marbella gym

“After he fired the gun five times, I heard him taking a small step closer. He stood over me with an eerie silence before walking away.”

Moore said that he was told that CCTV showed the gunman walking up to and holding the weapon to his head.

“After hovering for a few seconds, he walked off to the wall, looked at his phone, took another look at me, then scrambled up the wall.

“Some say he was checking a photo on his phone of the person he was sent to shoot, realised he’d shot the wrong person and then did a runner.”