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Mum saved by hero Garda Golden speaks first words since shooting

Siobhan Phillips
Siobhan Phillips

THE 21-year-old mum-of-two that hero Garda Tony Golden laid down his life to save has regained consciousness and spoken her first words since the shooting, asking her granny: “Are my children okay?”

Siobhan Phillips was shot four times by crazed partner Adrian Crevan Mackin – including once in the forehead – on October 11.

Her life was saved by the intervention of hero Garda Golden, who was gunned down by Mackin before he turned the weapon on himself.

Such were the horrific injuries that Siobhan suffered that her family feared she might never regain consciousness and that, if she did, she would have no quality of life.

Killer scumbag: Adrian Crevan Mackin

But grandmother Kay Phillips this week told the Sunday World how her granddaughter uttered her first words this week after having a tracheal tube removed at the weekend.

“The first thing she said when she came round was that she asked about the children and we were able to tell her they were alright,” a delighted Kay told the Sunday World.

“We’re looking after the children between myself and Sean [Siobhan’s dad].

“We’re so delighted. The country was praying for her. She had four bullets in her, but she wasn’t meant to die and that’s all I can say.

Kay described the recovery as “a genuine miracle”.

“They’ve taken the tracheal tube out and she’s doing better now than we could ever have imagined,” Kay said.

“She is doing brilliant, they have her out walking.

“We don’t know how much she knows and her two arms are shattered. One arm she is moving at the moment but there is nothing at all in the other, but her two legs are all right.

“She is able to talk, only a few words, but she said her name, my name and her dad’s name.

“The physios have taken her out and they do think she will make a recovery.

“I don’t know how much she will be able to do or what will happen really until she comes out. Sadly, the eye is gone.”

Asked if Siobhan would be able to visit home for Christmas, Kay said: “I don’t know about that. It’s a miracle that she got this tube out at the weekend so it’s just one step at a time.”

Two days before Mackin gunned down Siobhan and Garda Golden, he had beaten Siobhan “black and blue” at their home in Mullach Alainn in Omeath, Co. Louth.

Less than an hour before the shooting Siobhan had told Garda Golden at her local station how she had been physically assaulted. As a result of the incident she had left the house and returned to her family home.

She made arrangements to call to Omeath station on Sunday afternoon and arrived there with her father.

Siobhan made a written complaint about the assault to Garda Golden, who was on his own in the station at the time.

HERO: Garda Tony Golden

After dealing with the complaint, Garda Golden accompanied Siobhan and her father to Mullach Alainn at around 6pm to ensure she was not physically attacked again while she collected her belongings.

Her father stayed in the car, which was parked just outside the house, while Garda Golden accompanied Siobhan.

Siobhan walked upstairs to collect her clothes from her bedroom. That is where she was confronted by Mackin, who was wielding an illegally held handgun.

Alerted by the shots Garda Golden ran to climb up the stairs in a desperate bid to save Siobhan. But he was shot by the suspected terrorist as he made his way to the steps. Mackin then shot himself.

Vile killer Mackin (24), was known to Gardaí for involvement in dissident activity, such as involvement in drugs and counterfeit cash.

In January this year Mackin was brought before the Special Criminal Court charged with IRA membership. He was on bail awaiting trial when the shootings occurred.

It also emerged a psychologist had assessed Mackin as “extremely dangerous” and likely to pose a serious threat to others, particularly his partner Siobhan Phillips.

He had threatened the lives of two female social workers in Northern Ireland who were investigating him for domestic abuse.