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Mum of sex abuse victims stands by pervert stepfather

John Joe Patterson (Pic: Irish Daily Star)
John Joe Patterson (Pic: Irish Daily Star)

Sisters who were subjected to a decade of sex abuse at the hands of their stepfather have lashed out at their own mother for supporting the vile pervert.

Brave abuse survivors Emma (27) and Vanessa (24) Witherow blasted claims by their mother on Facebook that they lied to get back at her.

John Joe Patterson (54) was sentenced in October for 39 counts of sex abuse against Emma between 1996 and 2006.

The serial abuser also pleaded guilty to one count of sexually assaulting Vanessa at Nenagh Circuit Court in June.

The sister’s mother Frances Pattterson took to Facebook to accuse her daughters of lying to ger her sex beast husband convicted.

“I can’t get my head around it, why they have told so many lies about me and John Joe.

“John-Joe wouldn’t hurt a fly or hurt anyone. No wrongdoing was ever found in our house.”

Speaking to The Irish Daily Star brave Emma said she and her sister were hurt and distressed by their mother’s actions.

Emma and Vanessa Witherow

“I am disgusted that she would still try to defend him ahead of her own daughters,” Emma said.

“I have kids myself and as a parent I would do anything to protect them. She is just not a proper mother,” she said, adding that the pair had not spoken to their mother for the past seven years.

“She is just not a proper mother. I don’t know why she is like that, but she is just obviously sick in the head.”

Standing by Patterson despite his convictions for abusing her daughters, Ms Patterson wrote in her grotesque Facebook post that her partner had only plead guilty to abusing Vanessa to “stop the case”.

“We went to court and fought the case as best we could against Emma which we lost and then the state were bringing a separate case with Vanessa which John Joe or myself was not able to cope with, John Joe’s mental state and my sickness.

“John Joe gave one guilty plea only on Vanessa to stop the case.”

The convicted sex offender first started abusing Emma when she was six years old, and began to abuse Vanessa when she turned nine.

The abuse only ended when the elder sister left home when she was 18 and took her younger sister with her.