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Mum begs chief suspect "please tell me where my Fiona is buried"

John Thompson
John Thompson

THE heartbroken mother of an expectant mum who vanished without trace 20 years ago has begged the chief suspect in the case to reveal where he buried the woman.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the disappearance of Fiona Pender, a 25-year-old hairdresser and part-time model who was seven months pregnant when she disappeared from her flat at Church Street in Tullamore, Co Offaly, on August 23, 1996.

 In a new interview Fiona’s mother Josephine Pender spoke directly to the chief suspect in the mysterious case and begged him to provide key information.

Fiona Pender

“If I was to say anything to him, I would say ‘you have destroyed my life and you have destroyed my family.’

He is directly responsible for Fiona’s death but he is also indirectly responsible for the death of my husband Sean, who took his own life in 2000,” Ms Pender said.

 “I am saying to the suspect: ‘Please, please, please tell me where Fiona is, I know at this stage that it is not possible to find Fiona alive,” she added.

Ms Pender (67) was speaking from a nursing home in Tullamore, where she was recently transferred after spending around three months being treated in hospital.

She is due to undergo a heart procedure in the coming weeks.

Despite a terrible ordeal which has now lasted two decades, Ms Pender said that she has not lost hope she will find out where Fiona is buried.

“I still have hope that I will find Fiona’s little body. If I did not have this hope, I would go crazy,” she said.

She is also certain that there are people in the local community who may have key information which could help gardai.

“There are a few people in the community who would know what happened to Fiona.

I am also pleading with them to tell me where she is.

My heart is completely broken.

“The person who killed Fiona and her baby, it’s their fault it’s gone on so long.

They could ease a lot of minds,” she explained.

Gardai searching for Fiona's body 

Despite serious health problems, Ms Pender plans to attend a special walk along a path called ‘Fiona’s Way’ in Tullamore on Sunday afternoon.

Last August, over 100 people turned out for a walk and run along the bank of the Grand Canal on Fiona’s Way, a marked and measured route located just a stone’s throw from the Pender family home.

Following a lengthy campaign, including a petition containing almost 13,000 signatures, a 4.5km looped walk along the Grand Canal was named Fiona’s Way in May, 2014.

“It’s something to remember her by and I really want to be there on Sunday,” she said.

Josephine Pender

Ms Pender also revealed that she will not stop in her search to find Fiona, and is hopeful that gardai will continue with their detailed investigations.

“Gardai have told me there will be another search and I hope that this happens soon.

However, if the gardai don’t do it, my family will carry out searches ourselves,” she said.

A year before Fiona’s disappearance, her 22-year-old brother Mark died in a motorcycle accident.

In 2000, her father Sean took his own life, a death her mother attributes to his heartbreak over the loss of his children.