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Mum and daughter from notorious crime clan caught with handbag of drugs in graveyard

Shauna Nolan
Shauna Nolan

MEET the Limerick clan who have been dubbed the Family Crim – after a mum and her daughter were caught with a handbag full of drugs in a graveyard.

Shauna Nolan (22) and her mother Bridget (55), carried on a fine family tradition when they appeared before the courts on drug offences.

The duo were nabbed with a handbag full of drugs in a cemetery, where Bridget said she was praying at the grave of another daughter, Charlene.

The pair are just the latest members of the Nolan clan, based in Southill, Limerick, to fall foul of the law.

Shauna’s brothers are the notorious gangsters Andrew and David Nolan, who were allied to Dundon brothers – their second cousins – during Limerick’s gangland feud. 


And while there are many law-abiding members of the Nolan family in Southill, their father, David Snr, was also jailed for possession of a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition in 2007.

Shauna is well known in the area and not just because of her criminal relations. 

The mum of one is famous for her eye-popping outfits, which she regularly posts on Facebook. 

Friends say she loves to pose in garish satin dresses and display her ample assets for the camera. 

In countless selfies, she wears bright blue, red and even polka-dot numbers and couples her outfits with large hats.

She was with her mother at Mount St Oliver Cemetery four years ago when they collected a bag of drugs worth more than €10,000.

They didn’t know that cops, acting on a tip-off, were watching them and when they picked up a bag gardaí swooped.


The women handed over the bag and cops found more than 4,500 prescription tablets inside. They later pleaded guilty at the Circuit Court but the prosecutions were declared ‘nolle prosequi’ on a legal technicality after a Supreme Court ruling on a separate case.

The women were re-charged and last month pleaded guilty again at the Circuit Court, where Judge Tom O’Donnell applied the Probation Act.

At home at John Carew Park they are in good company with the extended family. 

Son David Jnr was also jailed for four years for threatening to kill a woman, Mary O’Donoghue, in Southill in 2006. He had arrived at the woman’s house waving a samurai sword and telling her “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill your son”.


In court the woman also claimed that David vowed to kill her other son, referencing “Michael Campbell Mac style”.

The threat was believed to refer to Michael Campbell McNamara, killed in 2003. He was executed by the McCarthy-Dundon gang in one of the most savage murders of their reign.

He was lured to his death and subjected to a medieval torture session during which his hands, feet and ankles were tied and he was stabbed 19 times and shot.

The second Nolan brother, Andrew (above), is still the only person convicted in relation to the murder. He was charged with withholding information and pleaded guilty to ‘engaging in conduct causing a substantial risk of death or serious harm’.

He admitted his role in luring McNamara to Southill to his death back in October 2003, telling the victim he had a sawn-off shotgun for sale. McNamara’s body was later found in Barry’s Field. 


At the time Nolan, a former baker had 27 prior convictions.

After his release Andrew was behind the wheel of a stolen car when he crashed on his way to a suspected armed raid and was seriously injured.

His pals Cornelius Fitzharris (28) and Eric Fitzgerald, (23) died instantly when the car hit a tree, but Andrew survived, despite being impaled on branches after the car left the road.

Our photographs show that Nolan recovered to full health and regularly poses on horseback in the estate.