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Mr Big threatens bar worker

Mr Big threatens bar worker

A BAR worker has been left in fear of his life after being threatened by gangland’s ‘Mr Big’ because he refused to let him into his premises.

The well-known north Dublin criminal attempted to go into the premises, but was refused entry at the door. 

A source said the ruthless criminal, who gardai suspect has organised murders, lost his temper when he was refused entry and personally made a number of threats to the worker’s life. 

“He told him he would have him killed,” said a source. “When someone like this makes a threat like that you can’t take it lightly.”

The original incident happened during the Christmas/New Year period. However, there have been a number of incidents since believed to be linked to associates of Mr Big. 

It is understood the worker has spotted people acting suspiciously and watching his movements. 

Mr Big is suspecting of arranging for Real IRA gang boss Alan Ryan to be shot dead in 2012 and his gang have been linked to a number of other gun murders.

Mr Big cannot be named as he is on bail facing serious charges. 

Gangsters have a history of attacking bar workers in Ireland. 

Limerick barman Ryan Lee was shot in 2004, after he refused entry to gangster Wayne Dundon’s underage sister. Dundon was convicted of threatening to kill Mr Lee.

His adoptive brother Roy Collins (34), was shot dead in his casino on April 9, 2009, four years after members of his family testified against Dundon. 

Wayne Dundon and his pal Nathan Killeen were convicted over Roy’s murder last year.