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Mr Big plans to take out Vinnie Ryan in clash with dissidents

Vinnie Ryan
Vinnie Ryan

GARDAI believe they may have foiled another plot by Dublin’s ‘Mr Big’ to kill Vinnie Ryan, just weeks after he was injured in a knife attack in Dublin city centre.

Ryan (25), brother of murdered Real IRA man Alan Ryan, suffered serious neck injuries when a man armed with a knife attacked him on Parnell Square in Dublin in October.

An associate of the criminal figure known as Mr Big is suspected of being involved in the attack.

Gardaí had increased patrols near Ryan’s family home in Donaghmede after the attack.

During one of these patrols two weeks ago, gardaí spotted Mr Big himself acting suspiciously at a high-powered Ford ST around the corner from the house.

“Gardaí approached him and asked him what he was doing and he said nothing. He denied having anything to do with the vehicle. The vehicle’s details were checked and it was registered under a false name. It was seized and no-one has tried to claim it.”

No weapons were found in the vehicle, but Gardaí are extremely suspicious about what Mr Big was doing.

“This was a high-powered vehicle around the corner from Vinnie’s house. It would certainly be the type of car that would be used as a getaway vehicle after a shooting and we don’t think his motives for being in the area were innocent,” said a source.

Vinnie’s life has been under constant threat for a lengthy period of time. Gardai review the threat each month and it remained active following the latest review.

He was viciously attacked near the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin on October 29 while his pregnant partner was attending a check-up at the hospital.

An associate of Mr Big is believed to have carried out the attack, which Gardaí believe was a murder bid. There have been several other incidents where Gardaí spotted Mr Big or associates of his acting suspiciously near Ryan’s home.

Mr Big

A few months ago Mr Big and another man were spotted in a vehicle near the house, but they sped off before gardaí could apprehend them.

“The fact that they sped off would suggest there was something in the car,” said a source.

Mr Big’s life is also under threat and Gardaí believe they have foiled attempts on his life, including one where loaded firearms were found near a Garda station, where he was signing on as part of bail conditions.

It was suspected the weapons were left there for a hit team.

The crime boss from north Dublin was arrested last month after it emerged he was able to secure a genuine passport in someone else’s name, despite the fact his real passport was seized as part of his bail conditions.

Dissident republicans turned up in court for his latest court appearance to show they knew his movements.

They have sworn revenge after blaming him for ordering the murder of Alan Ryan in 2012.

Following his latest court appearance he was once again granted bail, despite Garda fears he will try and flee the country.

Sources say the situation is extremely tense at the moment as both sides are looking to carry out attacks.

How the feud has grown

Alan Ryan

JULY 2013:

Gardai found a stash of loaded weapons close to a Garda station where Mr Big was signing on as part of his bail conditions.

MARCH 2014:

Mr Big pulled a gun on Ryan associate Daragh Evans, in Dolphin’s Barn. No shots were fired during the incident. Evans left the country in fear of his life in the aftermath of that attack, but later returned.

MAY 2014:

Gardai received intelligence that Mr Big was going to be shot by a criminal figure not linked to the Real IRA and were on patrol in the Cromcastle area of north Dublin, where his would-be killers were said to be waiting. A man who matched the description of a dangerous criminal who has previously been involved in armed robberies was waiting in a car in the area, but fled when he saw gardai.

APRIL 2015:

Gardai spot Mr Big in a car close to Vinnie Ryan’s home. Gardai recognised Mr Big and went to pull him over. However, he sped off and managed to get away. Gardai suspect there was a weapon in the car and he may have been on the way to carry out a hit attempt on Ryan.