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Mother of Tallaght sex attack victims describes horrific incident

A member of the Gardai investigating the disturbing attack
A member of the Gardai investigating the disturbing attack

THE mother of two teen girls subjected to a terrifying sex attack near their home has described one of the feral gang as being just 12 years old.

The shocked Dublin mum said one of the six youngsters exposed himself as the group sexually assaulted the young women.

Incredibly, the attack happened within an hour after a vulnerable girl was attacked in the same area of Tallaght, west Dublin last Monday.

The outraged mum spoke to the Sunday World to highlight the dangers the gang pose to young women and girls in the area. She said her adult daughters were left shaken by the ordeal in Maplewood Way in Springfield, during an evening stroll to the local shop.

Maplewood Way, Tallaght

“They went to the shops, they saw the group of lads on the way to the shops. On the way back the lads more or less crowded around them and were saying disgusting things, ‘let me do this, let me do that’,” she said.

She fears that the youths made a calculated decision to sexually harass her daughters.

“The girls tried to brush it off like they were little menaces and tried to walk on. The guys were just not letting it go,” the mum explained.

“I’d say they spotted them on the way to the shops, decided what they were going to do and collared them on their way back.

“They were walking briskly because the lads were in front of them. When they got to the corner of the street one of them grabbed them. They were just hassling them – they were actually physically grabbing them at this stage.”

The incident suddenly escalated as the boys forced their hands under the women’s clothes.

“One of them told the boys to f*** off and when she said f*** off they proceeded to grab them. They grabbed their arms to the side and tried to trip them over.

“One of the girls leaned against a wall to try and kick them and a lad ran around behind to try and drag her over the wall, a small garden wall.

“The other boys, especially one, were touching them everywhere, pulling at their clothes. One of the girls was able to get away, she unfortunately had to leave her sister with them to come up to the house to get her older brother. When he came out they ran away,” she said.

“They had their wi****s out and their hands down the girls’ tops. One of the girls was wearing a jumpsuit and tights underneath so they couldn’t get at her, but they were touching her through her clothes on the vagina.”

The two young women later told their mother they think the boys were aged between 12 and 16 years old and that two of them exposed themselves during the attack, including the youngest looking boy.

She is also concerned that despite it being a busy time of the day no-one seemed to notice the attack and come to the girls’ aid.

Gardai investigating the scene where the girls were attacked

“I imagine someone would have been around as it was half-past, quarter-past six in the evening, so people would have been coming home from work. No-one interfered or helped them,” she said.

She said that by speaking out she hopes people in the area would be aware of what has happened because “if it happens again they’re the ones who are going to stop it.

The sisters are “very shaken” after the assault and in shock, but their mum said both daughters would be able to identify the boys who carried out the assaults, who were described to gardai as of Eastern European origin.

The girls’ mother stressed she did not want to tar all foreign nationals as many are valued members of the local community.

“They didn’t know them, but they would recognise them if they saw them again,” she said.

“The gards came out straight away and brought the girls to the station to make a statement. I hope the information will go further – I feel they’ll do it again if they get away with it,” said the mum.

The scene of the horrifying attack

The mum believes some of the same group were involved in a previous incident in which she witnessed another teenager being accosted by a gang. 

“One of them ran behind a stranger and put his hand between her legs,” she added.

“I have an 11-year-old daughter as well, what if that had happened to her? God knows what they would have done to her.

“Even to see a young boy’s penis out of his trousers she would be absolutely traumatised, for someone to say something disgusting and to do that,” she added.

In another part of Springfield a 14-year-old with learning difficulties was raped by a gang of young men just an hour earlier.

It has been described as being “an extremely serious sexual assault” and CCTV from nearby buildings will form part of the investigation.

Gardaí don’t believe the two attacks are connected. They urged anyone with information on either alleged assault or was in the vicinity on Monday, January 25, to contact Tallaght Garda Station on 6666000.