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More body parts found in Kenneth O'Brien murder probe

Garda divers search the water near Sallins today
Garda divers search the water near Sallins today
Kenneth O'Brien
Kenneth O'Brien

Gardai are today looking at two sites along the Grand Canal where it is suspected body parts have been found.

One site is in Sallins Co Kildare where it is suspected a bag containing limbs has been found, while the second site is in Fonthill near Clondalkin where there are reports a head has possibly been located.

Both finds are believed to be contained in bags.

The scene at Sallins has been sealed off and at Fonthill garda are present at the canal under a bridge crossing near the Clondalkin/Fonthill train station.

Gardai say they will not be sure if the reported finds are those of the missing parts of murdered Dublin man Kenneth O'Brien until DNA analysis is complete.

The partial remains of Kenneth O'Brien (33) were discovered on January 16 in the Grand Canal near Ardclough, Co Kildare.

One theory being looked at by gardai is that the father of one became involved with criminals he grew up around in west Dublin.

A source there explained how O'Brien was persuaded by the organised crime outfit to hand over cash sums to fund their drug-dealing network with the promise of a prosperous return on his investment.
"It appears this gang persuaded him to part with big cash sums on the promise of a return on his investment. This may have worked out once or twice before but something went wrong along the way this time," a source said.

"Kenneth was not a gangster. He wasn't into drugs or violence, but he was taken advantage of by people who grew up around him and knew he was making money in Australia," they added.

"He got into something he thought he could handle. He thought it was the quickest way to turn a profit on his money and provide for his family's future, but something went wrong somewhere," they said.

Another source revealed how a line of inquiry being "strongly" looked at by gardai is that the victim was betrayed by someone he trusted on the day he disappeared.

"One thing that is becoming apparent is that Kenneth O'Brien was meeting with a person he felt he could trust, and did not believe his life to be at risk," a source said.

"Unfortunately it seems there was a double-cross of sorts and he was basically betrayed by this person, who may have either given up his location to his killers or even driven him directly to them for a meeting' that ended in his death," the source added.

Gardai have continued searching the area of Ardclough since last Saturday, when Mr O'Brien's partial remains were discovered.

Investigating detectives attached to the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) also discovered €50,000 worth of ecstasy tablets in a farmyard, which sources said may be connected to the murder gang.

No arrests have been made in the case.