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Monster who raped 74-year-old won big money on Winning Streak

Anthony Hussey
Anthony Hussey

A sex beast who was jailed for the savage rape of an elderly woman in west Kerry was previously a big prizewinner on RTE’s Winning Streak.

This week, barman Anthony Hussey admitted the horrific assault, in which he subjected the 74-year-old woman to a sickening ordeal.

The attack, on September 2014, saw Hussey break into the woman’s home, where he raped and taunted her.

It came just months after the local Garda station in Sneem had closed down, leaving locals fearful of a monster in their midst.

“He was back working again that night and talking away to people as if nothing had happened,” one local man told the Sunday World this week.

“He’s destroyed that woman’s life as well as his own and that of his family’s,” he added.

Hussey had previously become a minor local celebrity after appearing on RTE in 2013.

He had won a five-figure sum on Winning Streak and was well-liked in the area.

He had never come to the notice of the gardai and no-one suspected Hussey could have been capable of such an horrific criminal act.

However, one local told the Sunday World this week that the assault caused deep concern after the Garda station’s closure.

“People feel it wouldn’t have happened if we had been policed the way it had been in the past,” he added.

Evidence was given in court that Hussey had been at the woman’s house early in the morning.

She had woken to loud knocking and banging on the doors and windows of her house.

Hussey (24), claimed he had gone there by mistake having been drinking heavily through the night.

He was wearing a balaclava and dressed in dark clothing when the woman found him in her bedroom.

He told her that his boss was making him do it and that he didn’t want money.

“It’s just one thing and you are going to like it,” Hussey told her. Afterwards he said: “You enjoyed that didn’t you?”

Despite her injuries, she managed to get to neighbour’s house after Hussey had left and called the Gardaí at 8am.

According to Sunday World sources, it was several weeks before Hussey was arrested, during which time the woman had been unable to return to her home.

In a powerful victim’s impact report heard in court, she told how she had been left in her home “sobbing uncontrollably like a small child, broken, terrorised and waiting for death”.

“This phantom out of the darkness, standing in front of me demanding sex. I had no option but to fight.

“My feeble attempts to push him away. I was too weak or clumsy to defend myself, which seemed to amuse him,” she said.

“He started mocking me. When I pulled at his balaclava he said ‘ah you want to see my face now’.

“The belittling comments continued. He threatened me with a gang outside... I knew I had no chance of winning his game,” she added.

“How can he behave with such brutality? A woman three times his age. He could be my grandson,” stated the woman.

She said it was more than one-and-a-half years since the rape and she felt “ashamed, naked, raw and so old, disgusted, betrayed and humiliated, there are not enough words”.

 “I can’t stop screaming inside. My heart is bleeding with shock... I feel ripped open, stood naked to the core of my being, reduced to nothing. I feel so hollowed out. I feel so small, having been reduced to a puppet like from a Punch and Judy show,” the woman continued.

She added she felt “gutted in the truest sense of the word”.

She spoke of a hill near her home that she used to walk up, but could no longer do so without company.

“The day will come when I walk to the top of my hill, stand tall, lift up my arms to the sky and scream – scream for all those children and women who have been abused and who can’t cry out in despair, those who had to suffer in silence.”

An apology from Hussey was read in court after which he was remanded in custody for sentencing on June 7.