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Shocking moment New INLA man arrested in connection with Vinnie Ryan murder

Shocking moment New INLA man arrested in connection with Vinnie Ryan murder

THIS is the dramatic moment gardaí arrested a new INLA criminal in connection with the murder of Vinnie Ryan.

The convicted drug dealer from Ballymun in north Dublin flew back into Ireland this week after spending time abroad and was arrested by gardaí on Thursday.

He is a key member of the New INLA group who have been heavily involved in the Kinahan-Hutch feud in recent months.

His associate Christopher Maguire was shot several times in a murder attempt in Lusk earlier this month and remains in a serious condition in hospital.

The Ballymun man also has very close links to a 30-year-old man from Dublin’s north inner city who went on the run following the murder of Gareth Hutch (inset below) in May.

That man previously served time for explosives offences and forged an alliance with the Ballymun criminal while in prison.

The New INLA are suspected of carrying out gun attacks for the Kinahan Cartel as part of the bloody gangland feud which has claimed seven lives since February.

Sources say the Ballymun man has spent a significant amount of time abroad lately as a result of a threat to his life. He was previously quizzed over the Gareth Hutch killing but released without charge.

The New INLA gang are suspected of involvement in at least two of the murders carried out as part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

The Ballymun man was arrested this week for withholding information about the murder of former New IRA man Vinnie Ryan, who was shot dead in Finglas in February.

Vinnie was the brother of murdered dissident Alan Ryan, who was the leader of the New IRA in Dublin at the time of his death. 

Vinnie had left the organisation before he was killed. 

The Ballymun man arrested in connection with Vinnie’s murder flew back into Ireland this week as he was due in court on minor charges.

The Sunday World was there when he was taken away in handcuffs to a Garda car on Parkgate Street in Dublin. 

Several other people have been arrested in connection with Ryan’s murder, including a former member of murdered gang boss Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne’s (inset left) gang.

The Ballymun man was also a member of the same gang.

Sources said he had been in the U.K., Spain and Portugal in recent weeks, but has returned to Ireland on occasions.

One source said that he got a boat to the U.K. a few weeks ago and was accompanied by a 21-year-old convicted drug dealer on the trip, who subsequently returned to Dublin. 

The source claimed he met up with associates of the Kinahan Cartel while in the U.K.

The Ballymun man is believed to have travelled on to Spain and Portugal after his pal returned home.

Following his release from prison more than a year ago the criminal became involved with the New INLA, who were then led by Declan ‘Whacker’ Duffy and Dessie O’Hare.

The gang were extorting money from criminals and innocent business people.

However, Duffy is no longer leading the group as he was arrested and charged over an incident where he and others are alleged to have attacked people who had been providing security to Jim Mansfield Jnr.

The Ballymun criminal has also been spotted on several occasions with a notorious killer from Belfast who has been in various dissident groups, including the Continuity IRA, before joining up with the New INLA.

The thug has been linked to at least two brutal murders in recent years and has also been involved in torture attacks, extortion and assaults.

He cannot be named as he is also currently before the courts.

Meanwhile, another close associate of the Ballymun man was jailed for three years this week after he was caught transporting a gun, silencer and ammunition for the New INLA gang.

Michael Hanney (23), from Marewood Crescent, Ballymun, was stopped by gardaí in Ballymun on July 13, 2015, coming out of a gated residential area. They found a 9mm Makarov pistol, with its serial number filed off in the car. 

His passenger, convicted drug dealer Daniel Kavanagh (25), of Owensilla, Ballymun, was sentenced to five years for the same offence last month,

Kavanagh’s home was shot at earlier this year.

While neither Hanney or Kavanagh are considered to be members of the New INLA, they were believed to be working for the Ballymun man.

The Ballymun man was previously closely aligned to Eamon Dunne’s gang and was involved in a violent feud in the north Dublin suburb which claimed the life of one of his close associates a number of years ago.