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Mobsters' molls spark bitter feud as Dundon ex hooks up with man linked to Dublin gang

Ciara Killeen
Ciara Killeen

THEY are the undisputed queens of Limerick's gang culture. Once best friends, but now sworn en­emies.

But while one is facing a stint behind bars for a night on the town that went bad, the other is planning a white wedding which gardai fear may fuel a simmering drugs war in the city.

Ciara Killeen and April Collins live just a few hundred metres from one another and were once inseparable women of the Dundon mob.

However, since April gave evidence which jailed Ciara’s partner John Dundon and his brother Wayne, there is no love lost between the pair.

Sources say April and Ciara avoid meeting on the streets of Ballinacurra Weston, where they both live, but that they constantly try to outdo one another in the style stakes.

April Collins

Photographs have shown the duo pouting for the cameras as they model revealing outfits and get ready for boozy nights out.

While April is now planning a wedding, it seems Ciara may have to pull in the reins for a while when it comes to her own partying.

The gangster's moll pleaded guilty at Ennis Circuit Court to carrying out a glass attack on a woman last November. Her victim needed 23 stitches to her face after the bust-up at Queens nightclub in Ennis, Co. Clare.

If convicted at the circuit court, Killeen (32), could face five years in prison at a sen­tence hearing which will be held next year.

Ciara's long-term partner John Dundon is already serving a life sentence for the murder of innocent rugby player Shane Geoghegan, who was shot dead in a case case of mistaken identity in November 2008.

Her brother Nathan Killeen (26), is also serving a life sentence for the murder of businessman Roy Collins in April 2009.

Ciara's fate is sure to be another massive blow to the once mighty Dundon empire and while all she can do is look on, her arch rival has formed a new alliance that has the potential to wipe out the Dundons for good.

When April announced plans to marry Cratloe rapist Thomas O'Neill in recent weeks, she was congratulated by friends and family but behind the scenes their union is causing a fresh wave of concern among gardai.

For years, gardai were forced to protect April when she ditched her ex Ger Dundon and then turned State witness against his brothers John and Wayne. But now they are keeping an eye on her for a different reason - her fiancée's links to one of Dublin's most notorious drug dealers.

Officers fear that O'Neill, who became a firm friend of paedophile Christy Griffin be­hind bars, may have formed an alliance with the notorious drug dealer, who is coming up for release from jail. O'Neill acted as Griffin's chief enforcer in the Midlands Prison, where they were held on the same landing.

Griffin is suspected of continuing his lucra­tive drugs operation from behind bars and is one of the many crime bosses who gardai fear are eyeing up Limerick's lucrative drug turf, which is still in turmoil since the Dundons were taken off the streets.

O'Neill has moved in with April right in the heart of the Dundon's former territory of Ballinacurra Weston and their blossoming relationship could now bring with it a play by Griffin for a part of the city's drug business.

Although O'Neill is just out of prison after serving time for robbery, he was kept with other sex offenders while behind bars because of his part in the infamous Cratloe Woods rape case.

He led a group, despite being just 16 years old at the time, which attacked a couple in their car in a wooded area in 2004. The 36-year-old man was savagely assaulted and threatened while O'Neill's gang took turns to rape the woman.

Griffin has already got a young gang work­ing for him on the streets of Dublin. For years he and brother Collie ran 'The Sheriffer' area. While Collie was shot dead during a botched post office raid, Christy is nearing the end of his term for the sexual abuse of a child - who he gave heroin to in return for sex.

He was jailed in 2007 for life, but the Court of Criminal Appeal overturned the sentence and reduced to 15 years. He is entitled to remission.