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Mobster Lynch’s dirty protest

Greg Lynch
Greg Lynch

Mobster number one Greg Lynch put his weight behind a water meter protest outside his home – and terrified installers won’t go back.

Garda sources say Lynch mingled with innocent protesters outside his home in Maryland, south Dublin, when they gathered in February to protest about the meters.

He offered drinks and food to the protesters during a three-day stand-off in the Dublin 8 area.

It is understood contractors who managed to install just two meters in the area refused to return after Lynch hissed at them: “They [the protesters] are getting coffee, youse will be getting something else if yiz come back.”

The Sunday World understands that protesters making a stand against Irish Water had no idea that Lynch was mingling among them.

A source said: “The water metre contractors have refused to go back near Maryland. They were terrified by the chat that Lynch had with them and probably rightly so. He is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country.”

Videos of the stand-off, which involved up to 40 people, clearly show Lynch’s home on Rosary Road in the background, which is covered with security cameras.

The 29-year-old, whose face was left horrifically scarred after a failed assassination attempt on his life, is listed in Garda intelligence as the head of a 60-strong drugs gang that is responsible for armed robberies and tiger kidnappings.

He lives in his fortress home in the heart of the D8 area which he controls with an iron fist, often not coming out for days on end as he is so paranoid that his life is under threat.

Last year, Lynch and his mob threw a party to celebrate the murder of Michael Devoy, his sworn enemy and the man who was believed to have tried to have him killed the previous October outside Hanlon’s Bar on Dublin’s North Circular Road.

Lynch was shot at close range and lost half his jaw in the attack, but survived against all the odds.

Lynch is the main target of the anti-gang unit based at Kevin Street Garda station in the capital and he is classed as one of the city’s biggest drug distributors, despite his young age.