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Mob victim wasn’t aware his life was in danger says widow

David Douglas
David Douglas

THE GRIEF-STRICKEN wife of feud victim David Douglas has revealed the couple’s 14-year-old daughter was standing just yards away when gunmen executed him in broad daylight.

Father-of-one David (55), was shot up to six times in the head and chest outside the couple’s retail outlet, Shoestown on Bridgefoot Street, in the Liberties area of Dublin’s south inner city, shortly after 4pm on Friday of last week.

Gardaí investigating the killing believe it is likely that Douglas was targeted by members of the Kinahan Cartel – who previously tried to assassinate him near his Cabra home last November.

Both shootings are thought to have been ordered in the mistaken belief that Douglas was involved in a botched shooting attempt on cartel associate Liam Roe outside Dublin’s Red Cow Hotel on November 6.

However, in her first interview since her husband’s callous daylight execution, Yumei this week insisted to the Sunday World that her husband had no involvement with criminals on either side of the deadly feud.


 “Cross my heart, David had no involvement in this [feud],” the heartbroken mum told us.

“This was nothing to do with him. He spoke to the police after he was shot the first time and he told them he had nothing to do with what happened in the city.

“I don’t know why they came back again. They were probably getting afraid that he was becoming so strong again after being so weak.

“But he had said it already – he just wanted to have a life like a dad. He just wanted to be left alone.

“With these two families that were fighting, he never had anything to do with them – he didn’t know any of them.

“He wasn’t there [at the shooting of Liam Roe], he wasn’t there.

“They [criminals] made up a story after he was shot, but it was no such thing.

“At the end the Gardaí found he wasn’t there. He never met any of the Hutch family or that other family.”

The Sunday World understands that in the wake of November’s shooting, Gardaí carried out inquiries that proved Douglas had no involvement in the shooting attempt on Roe.

It’s understood he told investigators that he had been involved in an incident in a city pub on the night of the shooting and after officers checked CCTV from the premises his story was confirmed.

Yumei also said that as David recovered from the effects of the November shooting he had refused to go into hiding.

“He was not scared about this,” she continued.

“He never thought about leaving. If he knew his life was in danger, how could he walk the dog every evening and in the mornings.

“He couldn’t find any reason [that he was shot] for the first time.

“He was thinking the people who did this would be sorry because they got the wrong man.

 “This was the wrong guy that they shot – it was the wrong guy and that was what we think.”

Yumei said it had been open to Douglas to flee to her native China if he had honestly believed his life was in danger.

“We could have left – we could have left the next day and headed straight back to China.

“I have family over there, an apartment over there, it was a big chance for hiding.

“But he didn’t, because he said he wasn’t worried.”

Recalling the events of last Friday, Yumei said her husband had been working in the couple’s shop with their 14-year-old daughter moments before he was gunned down.

“My daughter was with him,” she said.

“I was doing a lot of work in the Chinese takeaway, getting ready for the evening.

“David felt bad because I was working 13 hours every day and he said ‘I’ll give you a hand’ to help.

“He was standing just outside, he normally stands outside because he likes to play on Facebook on his phone.

“And next hour I gave him something that the kids ordered but didn’t want – a curry that they didn’t take and it would have been thrown away. He hadn’t eaten well at lunch so he was hungry.

“He just had the bowl of food and then he was on the phone with the Facebook player – that’s why he didn’t check anything.

“They must have shot him standing there and then he got another few bullets on the ground – it was murder.

“My daughter heard that.

“After, I was just thinking was she okay?

“She didn’t see anything because she was inside and the shop is quite big.

“She tried to call 999 and the people outside were screaming.”

Asked whether there was anything she would like people to know about her husband, Yumei said those who knew him already knew he was “a good man”.

“The people who didn’t know him, whatever I say, they have their own thinking,” she said.

“People said they [her husband’s killers] are just animals, they are evil. There was no reason for them to do this to David.

“Somebody has to stop this.

“Innocent families are getting shot and getting stabbed in this – it is not right.”

David Douglas' funeral

A former zookeeper at Dublin Zoo, Douglas was well known to Gardaí for his association with a number of Cabra-based drug dealers.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Special Criminal Court in 1983 for armed robbery and shooting with intent to murder.

He was also arrested in 2008 after gardaí stopped the car he was a front seat passenger in and found more than €500,000 worth of cocaine.

Douglas was sentenced to 10 years with five suspended on that

He was released from prison in 2013.