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Mob set to implode over reports of rat in the ranks

Crisis: Daniel Kinahan
Crisis: Daniel Kinahan

Gardaí believe that the Kinahan Cartel is in turmoil and officers say the outfit is about to implode as it turns on its own in order to find a high-level informer.

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan is convinced he has a rat in his ranks after a series of busts which have left him frustrated with his foot soldiers.

Gardaí are on high alert after a number of fresh threats were issued by the cartel overlord, who wants a new wave of murder on the streets.

Kinahan has launched an internal investigation to find out where his leak is. 

He has narrowed down a list of suspects after two incidents involving the arrest of individuals whose identity and whereabouts were only known by a handful of his top lieutenants.

It is understood that on both occasions Gardaí were acting on intelligence when they swooped on suspects.

As paranoid henchmen fall under suspicion, many are making their own security arrangements in case they are now going to be set up to be murdered.

Chaos is reigning after months of botched hit attempts on the streets of Dublin, with Gardaí preventing at least 15 assassinations.

Drug users and inexperienced hit-men have been the only people willing to take on a Kinahan job as the mob’s name turns toxic in the underworld.

A recent attack on Eddie Staunton (25), a relative of murdered Gary Hutch, is believed to have been a murder attempt by the cartel. Gardaí suspect a man who ran over

Staunton in a car and then shot him a number of times may be the same gunman who attempted to kill Johnny Hutch – Gerry ‘the Monk’s’ brother – last year.

Staunton was on a bike when he was first rammed by a car on Sean McDermott Street. It is understood his would-be killer thought he was dead, but when he saw him moving got out and shot him a number of times.

Days later, murder accused Thomas ‘Tossy’ Fox was attacked in Mountjoy Jail along with his pal, convicted murderer Michael Taylor Jnr.

While Fox is listed as a Kinahan associate in the jail and Taylor is seen as a Hutch sympathiser, the duo are related and are said to be particularly close.

The prison attack was alleged to be ordered from Spain, which is the HQ of the cartel.

In recent weeks, a number of other individuals have been issued with high-risk GIM forms.

They include a man who works as a driver and fixer for Kinahan enforcer Paul Rice – himself said to be under pressure because of his inaction since the Regency Hotel attack.

To throw more chaos into the situation, the Sunday World understands that missing funds which resulted in the murders of Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh and his brother Paul have turned up. 

The money paid by Christopher ‘Git’ Russell has been the subject of huge controversy within the mob and is now a source of huge embarrassment to Daniel Kinahan. He is looking for someone to blame for the mistake which cost two men their lives.

Kinahan has focused on Rice, claiming he knew the whereabouts of the money all the time and saying he allowed his friend ‘Hatchet’ to be killed. 

However, many believe that Daniel Kinahan is simply looking for a fall guy in the mix-up.

Rice is credited as having introduced Kinahan to a New INLA outfit based in the north inner city who were responsible for a number of the early retaliatory attacks for the Regency Hotel.

However, the terror cell was quickly identified and broken up and the Kinahans have struggled to hire hitmen.

Interpol and Europol are now concentrating their efforts against the cartel, but Gardaí have been leading the charge and have seized almost €42 million in drugs and weapons from the mob.

In Spain officers raided the former MGM, now MTK, last year but the move came weeks after the property rights of the business had been moved to a secretive Emirates Free Trade Zone. It is understood that the Kinahans have been attempting to move their assets out of Europe to protect them.