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Man who tortured teen with a cheesegrater 'will kill' if released from Mountjoy

Alan Ellis
Alan Ellis

A man serving a sentence for horrifically torturing a teenager with boiling water and a cheesegrater 'will kill' if released from prison.

Alan Ellis is currently serving a six-year sentence after being imprisoned in 2013 for subjecting a 14-year-old to a brutal 90-minute assault.

Ellis, of Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, brought the boy into a flat and said he wanted to show him how to tie a particular knot. He then used a hoover flex to tie the victim to the radiator before he tortured him for almost hour and a half.

Ellis has since been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

In a report in today's Herald a source told the paper that Ellis 'will kill' if he is released from prison, where he is currently housed in Mountjoy's C-Wing in the Challenging Behavioural Unit, the area reserved for the most difficult inmates.

"This guy is an absolute psychopath. He sadistically tortured this teenager who he thought owed him drug money.

"During interviews he admitted that he probably would have killed the teenager if he didn't manage to escape," the source is quoted as saying.

"If Alan Ellis is released from prison, I have no doubt he will end up killing someone. The guy is just an absolute lunatic, and a nightmare for prison staff," the source added.

Ellis is such a danger to staff that he is fed by officers wearing protective riot suits and in October of last year he stabbed another inmate, Paul Duffy, in the head and eye with a makeshift weapon.

During the assault that currently has him behind bars, Ellis tied up a 14-year-old boy he thought owed him money for drugs to a radiator, threw boiling water down his trousers and scraped off skin from his knees, knuckles and fingertips with a cheese grater.

A victim impact report before the court in 2013 said the victim had burns to his genitals and inner thighs. It was initially believed he would need skin grafts but the skin has since healed. 

His mother outlined in the statement that the assault has changed her son’s life and he had since left school.