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Man who had part of willy removed on Channel 4 turns out to be paedophile

Keith Roberts (Pic: Channel 4)
Keith Roberts (Pic: Channel 4)

A man who had a chunk of his gentleman sausage removed, in order to correct its curvature, has been jailed for child sex offences.

Ambulance technician Keith 'Skippy' Roberts was caught when a victim’s dad spotted his daughter pulling up her underwear through the window of his caravan home.

Roberts has been jailed after admitted the sexual abuse of two primary school children.

“They had both said they didn’t want it - but he didn’t stop,” said prosecutor Rupert Doswell.

“He had tried to tickle one victim, but she slapped him.”

The dirty old pervert had plied the kids with WKD alcopops and even handed one child a fiver in a desperate attempt to keep his actions secret.

Keith Roberts (Police handout) 

Roberts appeared on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies where he presented his penis to Dr Christian Jessen.

He had been living with Peyronie’s Disease which caused his penis to curve severely whenever he got an erection.

In order to correct the issue Dr Christian sent him to a urological surgeon who performed Nesbitts Proceedure on his curved penis.

The surgery meant that Roberts would lose one or two centimetres in length from his phallus.

Roberts is now serving a 40-month prison sentence after carrying out sex crimes in October.

According to reports he brought his victims to McDonalds, painted their faces and took them on bike rides.

At yesterday’s hearing Teeside Crown Court heard how Roberts assaulted the children.

“It plays on my mind every time I see (my daughter),” said one dad.

“I feel like my battery has been drained and I can’t move forward.

“I hold a lot of guilt about what happened.”

Appearing via video link, Roberts pleaded guilty to sexual touching and attempting to touch the girls.

He denied charges of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, which will now lie on file.

Roberts, who has no previous convictions bar a caution in 2008 for weapon possession, was sentenced to 40 months in jail and subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, which could limit his contact with children for the rest of his life.