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Man killed with bubble wrap was on-the-run gangland ‘fixer’

Joe Moore
Joe Moore

The former milkman who was murdered in Colombia was a significant criminal figure who left Ireland in the 1990s after being involved in a notorious gangland murder.

Joe ‘Packie’ Moore is suspected of travelling to Colombia to arrange drug shipments to Europe, but he was found strangled to death and dumped near the town of Caldas, just outside Medellin.

Moore’s naked body was thrown from a bridge into a ravine.

A bag had been placed over his head.

The 55-year-old had links to the Kinahan Cartel and many other crime gangs in Ireland, including the west Dublin mob known as ‘the Family’ and a well-known Ballyfermot thug recently targeted in a series of CAB raids.

It is believed he was killed by a Colombian crime gang in connection with a drug deal. Sources say Moore was a gangland fixer who operated at the upper echelons of the business, mainly from his base in Spain.

 The Sunday World can reveal he left Ireland for Spain following the murder of William ‘Jock’ Corbally on February 28, 1996.

Gardaí believe Moore was directly involved in the murder, along with psychopathic criminal PJ Judge and drug dealer Mark Dwyer.

Ironically, all three men involved in the brutal killing were themselves murdered.

Moore was a close associate of Finglas man Judge, who was one of the biggest drug dealers in Ireland at the time. Moore had been a milkman, but became heavily involved in the drug trade.

“Back then he drove flash cars and had a number of properties,” said a source.

“It was just before CAB was set up.” While he was from Kylemore Road in Ballyfermot, he had a large house beside Hermitage Golf Club in Lucan, as well as an apartment in Venetian Hall, on the Howth Road in north Dublin.

Gardaí raided the properties after the murder of Corbally.

They got a definitive account of the murder from Coolock drug dealer and Garda informant Declan Griffin, who drove Corbally to his death.

There had been bad blood between Corbally and Judge – nicknamed ‘the Psycho’ – dating back to 1991.

Judge had threatened one of Corbally’s relatives and, in response, Jock had attacked him with a wheel brace, leaving him needing stitches to his head.

At the time, Judge was one of the city’s top drug dealers and had a reputation as a violent man who nursed a grudge.

Five years later, he got an opportunity to exact revenge on Corbally in connection with a botched drugs deal.

Declan Griffin would later tell Gardaí that he had paid Corbally £1,000 to travel to Amsterdam to pick up a kilo of heroin.

Jock had successfully smuggled the drugs into the city before leaving them with his pal Stephen Clinch.

Clinch, who is currently serving a sentence for armed robbery, would later became famous after he played Noelie in RTE’s crime drama Love/Hate. Corbally and Griffin arranged to meet Clinch at Sutton Dart Station to collect the drugs the next day, on January 19, 1996.

However, the Gardaí had been tipped off and they seized the drugs.

Griffin later discovered around a quarter of the kilo was missing when Gardaí made the seizure and he, rightly, suspected Corbally took it.

The missing seizure and his previous history with the Psycho would lead to Corbally’s murder.

Judge and well-known criminal Mark Dwyer told Griffin to set up Corbally by driving him to a field off the Baldonnell Road, on the pretence of digging up a separate drugs haul.

When he arrived, Judge, Moore and Dwyer were waiting for him.

As soon as he saw Judge, Corbally panicked and tried to resist and shouted: “Get away from me PJ.” Griffin told how Moore got into the vehicle and beat Corbally on the head with a baton.

The gang dragged Corbally from the car and hit him with the baton, a pick axe handle and a lead pipe.

Griffin said Corbally screamed for mercy as the men called him “a bastard” and “a rat”.

The beating lasted for several minutes before the gang slit Corbally’s throat. Corbally’s body was never found.

Gardaí arrested Judge over the murder and raided Moore’s property. They were planning to arrest him when he left the country for Spain, where he worked for the last 20 years as a mob fixer.

He helped criminal gangs launder money, arranged drug shipments and gave advice to younger criminals.

A source said: “If a gang made money off a drug deal they’d go to Joe and he’d help them reinvest it.”

PJ Judge was shot dead in Finglas on December 8, 1996 – a few months after he killed Corbally.

Martin ‘Marlo’ Hyland arranged the murder so he could take over Judge’s drug empire.

The same fate would befall Marlo when he was shot dead on the orders of Eamonn ‘the Don’ Dunne.

Five days after Judge was shot dead, Mark Dwyer was murdered by ‘Cotton Eye’ Joe Delaney and his son Scott in a row over 40,000 ecstasy tablets.

He was beaten for three hours with a claw hammer and an iron bar before he was shot.

Griffin was shot dead on April 5, 2003 at the Horse and Jockey pub in Inchicore, south Dublin.

Moore survived a lot longer than the others involved in Corbally’s death, but eventually met the same fate.