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Man faces jail over cucumber sex toy choking death

Man faces jail over cucumber sex toy choking death

A German man who plunged a cucumber which had previously been employed as a sex toy into the mouth of his lover, before popping off to feed the dog, has appeared in court charged with negligent homicide.

46-year-old Oliver Dietmann told a court in Mennheim, Germany, that he and his lover Rica Varna (46) often substituted sex toys with vegetables.

The accused told the court: "We would often use dildos as well as carrots and zucchinis in our sex life."

On that tragic day "she didn’t have any of her toys with her, so I grabbed a half a cucumber from the kitchen,”Dietmann said.

Members of his victim's family including her dad and sister were seated in the public gallery, exposed to the sordid details of the episode, which also involved a bunch of carrots and some courgettes.

The couple reportedly scoffed four bottles of wine and a large amount of Schnapps before heading to bed

Dietmann told the court that he used the vegetable as a sex toy before sticking the used cucumber into her mouth.

The accused claims that the foreplay was cut short as he noticed smoke coming from the kitchen.

"I'd forgotten that I'd put a piece of meat on the stove for my dog. It was burning. I ran to the kitchen, fed the dog and then smoked a cigarette on the balcony," he told the court.

When he returned he found Rica unconscious on the floor with a cucumber lodged in her throat.

She had fallen into a coma and later died in hospital.

Dietmann faces five years if convicted.