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Man almost loses eye in vicious Dublin drug gang attack


A VICIOUS drugs gang who have taken over a major patch of north Dublin turf were responsible for a savage assault in which a 50-year-old man is said to have almost lost an eye.

The sickening incident, in which the defenceless victim was attacked with wheel braces and a golf club by up to five men, happened at around 3pm on Monday at Barry Close in Finglas.

The victim was taken to the Mater Hospital, where he needed extensive treatment for his injuries.

Sources said the asylum seeker had been in the area to buy narcotics from a gang who have been running a “drugs superstore” when an argument took place and he was set upon by a gang of young thugs.

Eyewitnesses said there was “blood everywhere” and there were initial fears that the victim would be killed.

There have been no arrests in the case so far, but it is understood that gardai have identified suspects.

They are part of a gang who have been linked to a property that has already been raided around half-a-dozen times this year by local drugs squad officers.

Sources said that while officers have had some success against the mob, including cash seizures and a €5,000 drugs bust, the criminals have employed a unique way of combating the garda threat.

“They have multiple spotters on the streets near the house – young fellas – and as soon as gardai arrive in the area the drug dealers in the house are notified,” said a source.

“They have a big fire on all the time in the house, even during the height of the summer months, and as soon as they get wind that the gardai are coming they throw all their
drugs in the fire.

“This means that when the gardai raid the house, there are no drugs to be found.

“It’s clearly a very frustrating experience for the officers, but the criminals are also losing their drugs.”

The gang, which consists of at least 10 “out-of-control” individuals, has links to more senior criminals in the area, including a family-based mob whose members have convictions for drug-dealing and firearms offences.

They also have loose links to a hitman for the Kinahan cartel who fled his Finglas home earlier this year due to the attention he was getting from gardai.