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Loved-up couple are probed by cops in heroin sting

Natasha McEnroe and Paul Geraghty are linked to drugs ring
Natasha McEnroe and Paul Geraghty are linked to drugs ring
McEnroe and Geraghty
McEnroe and Geraghty

They look like any other couple out for a stroll with their child, but Natasha McEnroe and her partner Paul Geraghty are top targets of a garda investigation into a major heroin network.

McEnroe is probably Ireland’s ultimate gangsters’ moll, but now she is believed to be a key figure in a gang operating in a posh south Dublin suburb.

The brunette, who is a former partner of jailed gang boss Brian Rattigan, was arrested along with her drug dealing boyfriend Geraghty just two months ago as part of an investigation into a drug ring believed to be operating out of the Rathmines area.

Gardai have had significant successes against the gang in recent months, with a number of seizures totalling more than €1million worth of heroin. 

While McEnroe and Geraghty were arrested in March in connection with one of the hauls, they were released without charge while a file was prepared for the DPP.

But the pair look as if they don’t have a care in the world as they enjoy a day out with their young child this week.

Their relationship has survived despite the fact that a ‘hit’ was put on Geraghty’s head by McEnroe’s evil ex Rattigan. They themselves were also arrested in connection with the gangland shooting of Declan O’Reilly more than three years ago.

Now they are under the gaze of detectives who are hoping to shut down a major heroin supply chain.

They were lifted by officers last March during a series of raids which netted almost €1m worth of the drug in various locations near their home. Both denied they had anything to do with the haul, some of which was found in a bin on the street where they live.

But gardai believe that, rather than just being a gangster’s moll, McEnroe is centrally involved in the operation.

Last month, the young couple celebrated their release from custody by enjoying sunshine and cocktails in Playa de Tauro in Gran Canaria, Spain.

“This is one of the biggest heroin operations in Dublin,” said one source.

“We suspect that McEnroe is not just a partner of Geraghty, but that she is in some ways the brains behind the operation.

“She is very clever and very tough. No ordinary woman could take on the likes of Rattigan and then Geraghty.”

McEnroe has no serious drugs convictions, but she was previously named in court as being at the centre of Brian Rattigan’s crime operations during a €1m heroin case.

She was never charged in relation to the seizure which led to Rattigan being sentenced to 17 years in prison for running the drugs ring from his jail cell, where he was serving life for murder. 

She was going out with Rattigan at the time, but they split in December 2010.

The couple (pictured above) had met when Natasha was just 15 and she soon moved into the Rattigan family home. Within three years she gave birth to a daughter as her partner embarked on a short and brutal life at the top of the criminal ladder.

Rattigan got 12 years in May 2003 for shooting at a garda detective and for heroin possession, but McEnroe stood by her man.

By 2010, however, she was ready to move on and she cut loose from the Rattigans, catching the eye of Paul Geraghty as she did.

When she went to see Rattigan to end their 12-year affair he lost the plot and tried to attack her.

Within months, Geraghty became the target of a hitman and gardai told him there was a contract on his life.

For almost a year, gardai had to keep armed patrols in the vicinity of her home, but the threat eventually subsided when she made peace with her ex.

In 2011, the star-crossed gangland lovers were arrested in connection with the shooting of Declan O’Reilly.

He had been close pals with the couple and regularly stayed at their home, but it is understood they fell out when Geraghty accused him of ripping off a drugs gang.

The couple have two young children, but in October 2012 gardai raided their love nest and discovered €2,000 worth of heroin in it. Geraghty admitted possession of the three bags of powder.

Now the Sunday World understands the couple are key targets in a major operation to shut down a heroin trafficking ring believed to be selling millions of euro worth of heroin to street dealers.