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Locals try to burn paedo pal's pad

Anthony Luckwill
Anthony Luckwill

A CHURCH warden who is a pal of convicted paedophile Anthony Luckwill has vowed never to return to his home after locals tried to burn it to the ground.

Luckwill, who has a string of convictions for child sex offences, fled the house in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, which backs on to a school after locals attacked him three weeks ago. 

The house was subsequently damaged in an arson attack. 

Luckwill was spotted outside Clondalkin Garda Station two weeks ago and his appearance angered locals. 

Luckwill’s friend, who works as a librarian and has no involvement in crime, has known the twisted pervert since he was in school. 

The owner of the home, who we are not naming, was not present during the assault, but a local mob later spoke to him before smashing his windows and setting fire to his house. 

The homeowner’s 71-year-old mother, who previously married an on-the-run killer, told the Sunday World her son fled the house in fear of his life. 

“He’s never going back. He’s going to put the house up for sale as soon as he can. He had to leave. He was ringing the gardaí one night and the stones were coming in the window. It’s just not on,” she said.

She said Luckwill had been up at the house because her son had been minding a jeep for him. She claimed her son would not have let him stay there, but he let himself into the house on the day he was attacked. 

“He came up to see the jeep and get it going. Everything snowballed from there. His conditions are he can’t stay within two miles of a school. My son has known that so he wouldn’t have allowed him to stay.”

She told how she has previously put up a number of addicts and former convicts in her home in Leitrim. She ended up marrying one of the men who stayed at her home,

Anthony Craig, in another story which hit headlines nationally and abroad. 

Craig told the woman he moved to Ireland after serving a sentence in England, but in reality he was on the run for murder. Craig died from cancer last October. 

The woman said she hopes her son has no more to do with Luckwill. “I’m going to tell him to cut all ties with him. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.”

She said she tried to talk to Luckwill before about his behaviour and fears it is only a matter of time before he strikes again. She added her own son was “broken” and will “never set foot in Rathcoole again”.