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Kinahans attempted hit on Hutch mob member days before Eddie’s funeral

Christy Kinahan
Christy Kinahan

The Kinahan cartel planned to take out a member of the Hutch clan three days before the funeral service of Eddie Hutch Senior.

Crime lord Christy Kinahan had laid plans for his men to assassinate a rival gang member less than 72 hours before the brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was laid to rest in north inner-city Dublin.

The planned execution became a botched attempt due to the presence of armed gardai on the streets of the city in the week ahead of the funeral, according to the Sun.

The threat of all-out gang war means that elite Garda squads will remain in the capital.

“The Armed Support Units were aware of a possible attack by the Kinahan gang last week and were on high alert,” a source told the paper.

“The Kinahan gang are out for blood and have already shown how dangerous they are when they murdered Eddie Hutch.

Eddie Hutch Snr, who was murdered by members of the Kinahan cartel

“Eddie Hutch was a soft target.

"His family are in fear of their lives just because of who they are.”

It was revealed on Thursday that Christy Kinahan’s two sons, Daniel and Christy Jnr., have fled to London this week.

They were accompanied by Liam Byrne, brother of slain gangster David Byrne, with the Sun reporting that Liam’s father James also left the country with the cartel members.