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Kinahan thugs nabbed at airport with cash for "building work"

Christy Kinahan
Christy Kinahan

Four gangland thugs were nabbed by Revenue officials as they attempted to fly to southern Spain to meet with gang boss Daniel Kinahan.

The Kinahan cartel goons were busted with €18,000 in cash which they told authorities was for "building work" in Spain.

According to the Irish Sun, the hoods included two armed robbers, a thug who supplies stolen cars to Real IRA terrorists and a yob linked to a horror hit-and-run.

Investigators refused to believe their story and invited them to go to court to prove the money was earned though legitimate means.

After the cash was seized last month, only one of the men made the trip to Spain to arrange weapons shipments for the Kinahan gang.

The thug returned to Ireland two weeks ago after Daniel Kinahan joined his brother Christy Jnr and father Christy Snr in Dubai.

Yesterday it was reported that two members of the Kinahan gang were arrested at Dublin Airport after stepping off a plane from Dubai.

A source told The Sun: "The two men arrested grew up with Daniel and Christopher Kinahan but moved to the north inner city to push drugs.

"They are an example of some of the criminals from the north inner city who straddled both gangs but now remain loyal to one.

"They were arrested after spending time in Dubai with Christy Kinahan and other senior members of the gang."

One of the arrested thugs stabbed a man to death when he was in his teens but never faced justice.