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Kinahan mobster jumps out window fearing gangland hit

Liam Byrne
Liam Byrne

PARANOID cartel gangster Liam Byrne jumped out of the window of a house where a party was taking place because he was sure he was going to become the victim of a gangland hit.

However, it quickly emerged that a vehicle – that Byrne and his associates were deeply suspicious of – was just delivering fast food.

The bizarre incident took place at a house in the Crumlin area last week.

Sources have revealed that Byrne and at least two other men feared they would be targeted by rival criminals and took “quick escape action”.

The 35-year-old criminal is believed to have only returned to Ireland for a debs celebration just hours before the bizarre incident happened.

The group at the party initially suspected that the fast-food delivery vehicle may have been a disguise for opposing criminals intent on launching a surprise gun attack
on the property where the party was being held.

Liam Byrne’s mob have been at war with the Hutch gang in the capital’s deadly feud. His brother David (33) was shot dead at the Regency Hotel in Drumcondra on February
5 after men dressed in fake garda uniforms and armed with automatic weapons stormed in.

Since then, the Kinahan cartel has went on a bloody offence against the Hutch gang which has resulted in eight further murders on the streets of
Dublin and Spain.

Around 24 hours after Byrne was given the huge fright, he got another scare when he was arrested by armed gardai. He was questioned at Crumlin Garda Station throughout
Friday but was not compliant with interviewing detectives and was eventually released without charge.

Byrne was arrested as part of the same Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) investigation which led to his first cousin Liam Roe (37) being arrested and questioned last month.

Roe and Byrne are suspects in the massive CAB probe which led to a large amount of jewellery, 29 cars, SUVs and six motorbikes being seized in raids in early March.

The majority of vehicles were taken from LS Active Car Sales in the Bluebell Industrial Estate in west Dublin – a now-dissolved business which was registered to Liam Byrne.

When armed officers stormed Byrne’s Raleigh Square home in March, they discovered a panic room, and substantial investments were also made in security measures.

After being released from garda custody, it is understood that Byrne fled the country over the weekend but it is not known exactly where he is currently based.