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Kinahan gang furious over ‘amateur’ hitman who killed innocent father of three

First responders try to resuscitate Martin O’Rourke
First responders try to resuscitate Martin O’Rourke

Kinahan gang bosses are reportedly furious that one of their assassins gunned down an innocent man as he strolled down Sherriff Street, last Thursday.

The high level thugs are on the warpath after one of their underlings hired an amateur gunman to take out a leading Hutch gang member, according to today’s Irish Daily Mirror.  

“The shooting of poor Martin O’Rourke is causing them all sort of headaches.

Martin O'Rourke

“And it’s not because an innocent man was caught in the gangland crossfire – they couldn’t care less about him and his family.

“But they fear a bungling shooter like this fella will end up handing himself in and talk to gardai.”

According to reports the drugs cartel are worried that addict hitmen, who take on the jobs to clear substantial drugs debts, will go into the State’s Witness Protection Programme.

A source told the Mirror: “Evidence from this man could well see some middle-ranking Kinahan lieutenants taken down. Or even those higher up the chain of command.

“He could very well sing like a canary to save his own skin.

“He’ll do life for killing Martin if he comes forward to gardai but at least he’ll be alive.”

The Kinahan gang have a history of using ‘expendable junkies’ to carry out hits, despite having access to unfathomable sums of money.

The family of innocent gun victim Martin O’Rourke have branded his murder “a sin against God” as they reveal his fiancé is three months pregnant with their fourth child, read the full story here.