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Kinahan Cartel's Mountjoy phone and blade smuggling operation foiled

Mountjoy Prison
Mountjoy Prison

OFFICERS IN MOUNTJOY have foiled an ingenious plot by inmates to flood the prison with phones and Stanley blades.

Twenty-six mobile phones, three Stanley knife blades and a prison issue ‘Tri-circle lock’ were recovered after officers spotted machete killer Wayne Cluskey interfering with an external gate lock on Monday.

The gate lock Cluskey was spotted interfering with leads to a construction area inside the main perimeter wall that is currently not in use.

Sources said a decision was taken to call in a search team from the Operational Support Group (OSG) who carried out a thorough search of the area and two handbags were discovered that had been catapulted over the perimeter wall.

Inside the bags OSG officers recovered the 26 phones and three Stanley blades, together with a Tri-circle lock identical to the one that Cluskey had been in the process of dismantling.

Officers believe Cluskey’s instructions were that this lock was to be used to replace the lock he’d smashed on successful retrieval of the contraband delivery.

OSG officers who went through the prison’s CCTV cameras observed the package had been thrown over the wall of the prison the previous day.

A source told the Sunday World: “It appears that this may have been the first delivery through this route, but it would not have been the last.

“The lock found in the contraband was identical to the new lock and the belief is Cluskey was supposed to use it to lock the gate after he was done.

“The inmates would then have been able to access the area and pick up contraband at will.”

Cluskey is believed to have been ordered to pick up the delivery by more senior criminals.

Cluskey was sentenced to nine years in prison last February for the machete attack manslaughter of Christopher Nevin at Tailteann Road, Navan, on November 19 , 2015.

His co-accused Josh Turner was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

It’s believed the phones were ultimately destined for thugs associated with the Kinahan Cartel on the prison’s B1 landing.