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Kinahan cartel told to cough up by former IRA mob

Kinahan cartel told to cough up by former IRA mob

A GANG of ex-Provos have demanded €2m in compensation from the Kinahan Cartel for the disruption to their smuggling business, caused by their feud with the Hutch clan, a source has revealed.

The former IRA men are believed to have demanded a seven-figure sum from the Kinahans as their ‘business’ has ground to a halt because of increased Garda activity.

The veteran smugglers – who are based near the Border area – have close ties to a number of Gerry Hutch’s close associates, who they have used for years to distribute counterfeit tobacco.

However, this network has effectively been shut down because of Garda activity.

The Provos are believed to have made contact in recent weeks with a senior cartel member to demand the feud come to an end so they can go back to business.

Last week, the Sunday World revealed how Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch made a secret visit to Dublin over Christmas under heavy protection from Northern Provos.

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

The close ties between the Hutch clan and the Provos were further shown this week after Republicans agreed to provide protection for one of his nephews behind bars.

Jailed IRA killer Pearse McAuley and other republicans gave assurances that the Monk’s nephew, Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch, would be safe in Castlerea Prison after he was moved there from Wheatfield Prison.

Pearse McAuley

A source told the Sunday World the IRA men have contacted the Kinahans to demand compensation – a demand which has been taken seriously by the cartel.

Hutch’s murdered pal Noel Duggan, shot dead last March, was the main man in the IRA counterfeit cigarette operation and had close links with senior Provos, including senior Armagh-based figures.

Noel Duggan

Gardaí fear that the Hutch faction may be planning to strike again at the cartel and are rounding up support in the North.

Two of the suspected Regency Hotel gunmen have also gone “off radar” and have not been seen in Dublin, leading to fears they may be plotting an attack.

Last week, Hutch target Liam Byrne also returned to Dublin – adding to the tensions in the north and south inner-city

Byrne, who is a brother of murdered Regency Hotel victim David, is a top target for CAB and a close associate of Daniel Kinahan.


Christy Kinahan

This week, Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch was the latest family member to narrowly escape a hit by the Kinahan Cartel.

Prison authorities moved killer Hutch to Castlerea from Wheatfield Prison on Thursday of last week after learning a number of inmates had become “influenced” by the Kinahan faction and were about to move against him.

A source confirmed to the Sunday World: “The plot was for a riot to be staged in the prison, during which these lads would take a landing and Del Boy would then be dragged in.

“He was to be done during the confusion of the riot and the idea was that the lads who did it would stand some chance of getting away with it.

“This was a very real threat.

“After authorities became aware of the plot a decision was made to move Del for his own safety.”

Authorities are understood to have spoken with a number of senior Republicans in Castlerea prior to agreeing to have Del Boy shipped up there.


Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch

A source said the Republicans spoken to included Pearse McAuley.

McAuley, one of the convicted IRA killers of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, is serving a 12-year prison sentence for a frenzied attack on his estranged wife.

Our source added: “Since arriving in Castlerea, Del Boy has been moved to the High Support Unit where he is effectively being kept in full isolation from other inmates.

“He eats alone, exercises alone and only moves outside his cell when all other inmates are on lock-down. He is the epitome of a dead man walking and he knows it.”

The fact that the Kinahan gang have now extended their control to Wheatfield after assuming control inside Mountjoy is a source of major concern to authorities.

The Sunday World previously revealed how both Del Boy and his brother Alan were moved out of Mountjoy prison after being targeted by the Kinahan murder machine.

Del Boy came close to being murdered on two separate occasions in the prison.

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