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Kinahan cartel target dodges death for a second time

Bullet holes visible in the window of the house yesterday
Bullet holes visible in the window of the house yesterday

KINAHAN CARTEL target Keith Murtagh came within inches of death for a second time early yesterday when he and a young woman were grazed by bullets fired through the front window of a home in Ballyfermot, in the latest attack linked to the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

Hutch associate Murtagh (below)  is understood to have been visiting a friend, when a gunman fired three bullets through the front window of the sitting room.

The incident happened at around 1.40am at Cherry Orchard Court, Ballyfermot. 

Murtagh (32) and his friend received minor injuries described as “bullet grazes” and were brought to St James’s Hospital before being released yesterday. 

It is understood that Murtagh has so far refused to make a statement to Gardaí in connection with the latest attempt on his life.

However, sources said the attack was likely to have been carried out by the Kinahan faction.

Officers were examining CCTV footage as part of the investigation into the hit attempt. 

This is the second time in just over a month that an attempt has been made on Murtagh’s life. He is also was believed to have been the intended target of the gunman who mistakenly shot Martin O’Rourke in Dublin’s north inner city last month.

Murtagh is understood to have been wearing a blue jacket while standing in the vicinity of Noctor’s pub on Sheriff Street when he was observed by a cartel spotter.

O’Rourke – who was also wearing a blue jacket – was shot dead minutes later by a gunman sent to take out Murtagh.

When O’Rourke noticed the gunman he tried to run. However, the killer – who had mistaken him for Murtagh – shot him in the head.

The killer then fled the scene of the shooting on a bicycle. The murder weapon and bicycle were discarded close by.

Gardaí are continuing to operate rolling 24-hour checkpoints in the capital in an attempt to prevent more killings and are believed to have thwarted a number of other murder plots by making several arrests.